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Suicide is Painless?

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I don't know, and mum's attempt this morning failed ..

Suicide snip

Yah so cutting ends off cables for copper recycling and she chopped one that was still plugged in and turned on.  And the snippers didn't have any sort of insulation on them.  A flash and a bang and she's darned lucky to be alive right now is all I'm saying (she's completely fine, didn't feel a thing, not even a tingle).  My heart felt a little jittery for the rest of the morning contemplating what could have been.

So spent most of the weekend organising and chucking and photographing and sorting and cleaning and getting exhausted.  Gave up at 7pm last night with a tv dinner and Toy Story.

Lotus 123 on floppy

Three generations of floppies

1982 floppy

This afternoon Ken and Jeanine came over and helped enormously by cleaning and working through a list of todos that mum had.  Made a huge difference.  I also went over to Lizzi's to get a dress taken up.  Had yummy roast pork for dinner.

Please Take Stuff!

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I talked to the little brother last night.  And I thought *I* was stressed about everything.  Not only does he have mum's house to worry about getting stuff out of, but a close friend of his has decided to sell his house as well.  Note this friend keeps an entire railway museum in his house, and so it's in a much worse state of clutter than this place.  And David can't get away from work to be able to actually spend any time here so he's not in a good way.

Meanwhile I'm just depressed about the whole thing.  I was counting on having many more months to take my time to try and find new owners for things rather than seeing the whole lot just thrown out, but that idea has gone out the window.  

Mum on the other hand is all excited about moving to a new place and wants to sell this house as soon as possible and throw everything out and just go.

So she's happy, but we're in a mess.

Anyway, I've put up photos of everything we've documented so far - http://kazza.cia.com.au/freecycle-como/ and there is much more to come.  I've only had two responses on Freecycle, but at least they're going to take a couple of things..

Please pass this around and help me clear this place out by taking things (I can bring smaller stuff back to Canberra, but if you know people in Sydney please pass this on!)

Also, public transport sux..  (well people suck really)..

I hate people

Soldiering On

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Thursday: work drinks, then Amazing Race, not sure why but I'm *still* surprised how loud, tedious and *dumb* Americans are.  Do they not teach you how to tell which way is north in America?

Friday: Watched part of Leon with the sweetie, then Air Crash Investigations and the Bourne Ultimatum.

Saturday: Went to Kingston and Fyshwick with the sweetie and was successful in part of our shopping mission, but not all.  Went hard on the trivia night, got pretty much everything ready except the whole process of getting it into the slide show.  I tried, but I couldn't connect up the work laptop for some reason, and then I couldn't connect to webmail either because I couldn't remember my pin.  So had to abandon that idea.  So I went ahead and finished geotagging all my holiday photos.  Also finished watching Leon with the sweetie.  Quite a good movie, enjoyed it.

Sunday: Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and started culling holiday photos.  Also went out with EffanC for C's birthday.  Pics soon.  Then back to their place to chill out and chat for the rest of the afternoon.  Quite a lovely afternoon.  Food shopping, then home and then watched Frozen.  Hoping I don't get hungry later, because I really haven't eaten much since lunch time..


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So you may remember that I've been freaking out the past few days about how busy I'm going to be for oh, you know, well til the end of the year.  On my calendar I have exactly one weekend where nothing has been planned, and that's the weekend before Christmas.

So you can imagine my delight finding out that the mother type person is planning to sell the house.  Like right now.  By Christmas.

Which leaves me exactly zero time to finish which would have taken probably at least another year's work in terms of sorting stuff out and either selling it or freecycling it.  Before Mum just gets a skip or five and chucks the whole lot out.

So now I'm studying my calendar trying to figure out what events I can drop, and what planning can be compressed into a half or a third the time I have available.  And what is going to need to give.  It'll probably be my holiday photo sorting.  I still haven't even *seen* most of my holiday photos.

Fun. Not.

Had a cleaning day today.  People will keep making mess, so I'll spend my life cleaning up after them .. hrmmm

Tony and Kiera convinced me to talk home with them.  Oops.  Did get a few new portals though.

Tonight I mostly geotagged photos (I've basically finished the Canon shots from the group tour).  But after you hit save on a day, you have about five to ten minutes where you can't do any more, so I used that time to work through some things on my todo list (mostly house cleaning type stuff heh).  If I can achieve as much as I did tonight *every* night then maybe I'll actually get everything done that I need to ...

Been trying like to crazy to catch up with life, as well as trying to get through some of the stuff I really need to do in the next few weeks.  Not succeeding too well.

Friday we got to see Angry Anderson and he spent an hour telling us about his life and how it changed quite dramatically when his daughter was born.  It was funny and emotional, a really good talk.  He also looks *really good* for a 67 year old!

Angry Anderson

Yesterday the sweetie was still feeling pretty blah from whatever bug he picked up in Queensland, so we didn't go out to the club.  This was a relief for me as it gave me most of the day to do some cleaning and geotagging of holiday photos.

Had dinner at EffanC's which was nice, although C and Stu weren't too impressed with the episode of You Can't Do That On Television that we put on after dinner.  Me on the other hand was in full nostalgia mode - not having seen the show in something like twenty five years.  Stu also suffered through a game of Bananagram, which I won.

Today I went to the George Harcourt (for the first time ever in fact) for a birthday lunch for Steve.  Then we did our food shopping.

This afternoon was trying to organise stuff for the ball.  

Dinner was lamb.  So much lamb.  Then catching up on rss feeds (I'm *months* behind :( ).

Can someone please stop the world, I need to get off for a moment....

So Wednesday night saw me standing outside for nearly two hours documenting the moon.

Part way there

Lunar eclipse

A little further

Lunar eclipse

Exposed for the dark side, makes the bright bit *very* bright

Lunar eclipse

A mid-way exposure

Lunar eclipse

Then I remembered I had Dad's 250mm lens.  Just cropped here, so the picture is bigger, but I don't think the quality is there - it's very soft.

Lunar eclipse

Another one

Lunar eclipse

This a 30 second exposure so I could capture Neptune - which is in the very top right corner of the picture

Lunar eclipse

Back to my lens

Lunar eclipse

Totality is finished now

Lunar eclipse

And a bit more out of the shadow

Lunar eclipse

At this point I gave up and went to bed

Zucchini and Cheese

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A breakfast I made last week - cheesy zucchini hash browns?

Just a zucchini and some shredded cheese

Zucchini Hash Browns

Grate up the zucchini, add cheese

Zucchini Hash Browns


Zucchini Hash Browns

Dollop into a non-stick fry pan and flatten

Zucchini Hash Browns


Zucchini Hash Browns

Wait impatiently for the second batch to be cooked so you can take a photo.  Alternatively, be careful not to burn yourself on cheesy fried goodness.

Zucchini Hash Browns

September Jigsaws

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Here's a couple of work ones - Monument Valley and Winter Wonderland.

Monument Valley jigsaw

Winter Wonderland jigsaw

These two jigsaws had letters on the reverse so you could easily figure out the orientation and approximate location.  We may have cheated a little here and there.  I reckon it would have been even easier to flip everything over and do the reverse jigsaw - as it'd have been twenty five 40-piece jigsaws that you could have done in no time flat.

Jigsaw reverse

This is one I started downstairs months and months ago but never finished it over winter (too cold) and also the green was very similar in tone which made it quite hard.

Mountain lion jigsaw


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Didn't get to sleep til well after midnight last night.

Then the storm woke us up at 5:20 when the power tripped.  I didn't really get back to sleep after that, so it was a bit of a zombie day.

But it was ok, because nothing too much was happening.  I had ~280 emails, but around 200 I could file or delete immediately.

We had lunch at Outback Jack's, and I shared a wings/ribs platter with someone, so I didn't feel stuffed which was good.

This afternoon I went and visited a 12 hour old duckling (well it was trying to break through its shell for 36 hours, so don't know when you start counting).  So cute.  And so are the chickies who can flutter now.



Since getting home

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Friday night we watched the Bourne Identity.

Saturday I had a fairly productive morning, then we headed out to the club for the afternoon/evening.  Didn't sleep too well - the mattress we have is pretty crap, so kept waking up with a sore spine.


Sunday afternoon we didn't really do much at all.  I did meet the new chickies.

Baby chickies

And we did a *lot* of food shopping..

Big food shop

Big food shop

Big food shop

After dinner (of salmon) I went for a walk to hack some portals and make a field (which is surprisingly still there).  It was a very pleasant time of day to be walking, and there were flowers and the scent of jasmine in the air.  Lovely.

Last night we went to bed early, but I just lay there for hours, not getting to sleep til after midnight :(  So then I woke up at 6am *tired*.  Blah.

But still had a relatively productive day, so that was satisfying.

Climbing roses

Cooked a very evil chicken with cheese and bacon stuffing for dinner - yumm!

Then after dinner we went for a walk around Palmerville.  We also watched the first episode of The Code, which I kept getting distracted over all the Canberra been-theres.


Arrival at Chay and David's.  Thanks David for picking me up!  Did pretty much nothing all day.

The sweetie arrived late in the afternoon yayyyy!  Was good to see him.

Chay cooked a nice moussaka for dinner.

I can't actually remember if we did any Singstar that night, but I know we all had a very early night.


Was working on some photo stuff in the morning, when Chay remembered she had a jigsaw for me to do, so that kept me happily occupied whenever I had any down time.

We all went out to have sushi for lunch, then we went and saw The Equalizer.  I liked it, except that it was overly violent for my tastes.

Did a bit of shopping afterwards, and had bbq chicken and salad for dinner.

After dinner Storm and Jamie and Sam came over.  We played Cards Against Humanity which was fun, although I didn't manage to win a single round, which was somewhat demoralising.  Played a bit of Singstar as well.


Had a quite morning mostly doing the jigsaw.

Then we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to White Rock for a decent walk.  It was good, but I found the heat getting to me quite a bit.  Had lunch on top of the rock.

Had pizza for dinner.

Sam came over again, and we played some Buzz and Singstar.


Another quiet morning doing jigsaw.

Went out to sushi again for lunch.  Also went and got a coffee from Kailyn.

David cooked roast pork for dinner yumm.

Played some Trivial Pursuit, then Buzz and Singstar.


Sadly said goodbye to Chay and David (thanks guys, it was a lovely few days, as always).

Then hit the road and drove and drove.

Stopped to get coffee near the Gold Coast, then had some lunch at the Scottish Restaurant in Ballina. 

Ducked into Grafton to see if the jacarandas were out yet (they weren't - too early for them).

There was quite a bit of road works going on to duplicate the Pacific Highway (*finally* - at least thirty years overdue), so we were a little late getting to South West Rocks. 

Ruth cooked a very nice roast chicken for dinner.

Then we collapsed into bed.


Another long day of driving.  

Got some petrol and some coffee outside of Port Macquarie.

Lunch was KFC at Heatherbrae.

Slow slow slow along Pennant Hills Road (are they *ever* going to join the M1 to the M2??).

The straight through to Canberra.  

Between petrol stops at the Gold Coast, Port Macquarie and Canberra was 1158 kilometres.  We put 75.06 litres of petrol in.  So 6.48 litres per 100 kilometres.

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