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I talked to the little brother last night.  And I thought *I* was stressed about everything.  Not only does he have mum's house to worry about getting stuff out of, but a close friend of his has decided to sell his house as well.  Note this friend keeps an entire railway museum in his house, and so it's in a much worse state of clutter than this place.  And David can't get away from work to be able to actually spend any time here so he's not in a good way.

Meanwhile I'm just depressed about the whole thing.  I was counting on having many more months to take my time to try and find new owners for things rather than seeing the whole lot just thrown out, but that idea has gone out the window.  

Mum on the other hand is all excited about moving to a new place and wants to sell this house as soon as possible and throw everything out and just go.

So she's happy, but we're in a mess.

Anyway, I've put up photos of everything we've documented so far - and there is much more to come.  I've only had two responses on Freecycle, but at least they're going to take a couple of things..

Please pass this around and help me clear this place out by taking things (I can bring smaller stuff back to Canberra, but if you know people in Sydney please pass this on!)

Also, public transport sux..  (well people suck really)..

I hate people


Huigh said:

Sheesh, do you think dumb people have easier lives? I always figured it'd be even harder being dumb: even more stuff to figure out. I know it's still a long way off but I can assure you it gets (even) better after you retire(!) I always figured it'd be good, looked forward to it for about 30 years or so and then found it was better than I anticipated.
That's a little gift for you 'cos the cardiologist tells me everybody needs something to look forward to! I left a comment on your year-old entry about jig-saw puzzle exchanges, hope you saw it.
All the best,

November 19, 2014 1:02 PM


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