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So you may remember that I've been freaking out the past few days about how busy I'm going to be for oh, you know, well til the end of the year.  On my calendar I have exactly one weekend where nothing has been planned, and that's the weekend before Christmas.

So you can imagine my delight finding out that the mother type person is planning to sell the house.  Like right now.  By Christmas.

Which leaves me exactly zero time to finish which would have taken probably at least another year's work in terms of sorting stuff out and either selling it or freecycling it.  Before Mum just gets a skip or five and chucks the whole lot out.

So now I'm studying my calendar trying to figure out what events I can drop, and what planning can be compressed into a half or a third the time I have available.  And what is going to need to give.  It'll probably be my holiday photo sorting.  I still haven't even *seen* most of my holiday photos.

Fun. Not.


Fiona said:

ughm good luck,

If you head to sydney for a weekend and you want a pair of hands one day, I can probably head down :)

*fingers crossed for a very slow sale and settlement*

October 24, 2014 7:42 PM


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