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Finding Dory

Tonight we went to see Finding Dory.

A sequel to Finding Nemo, that filled in Dory's backstory.

It was a lot of fun.

And the CGI is spectacular these days.

But it was pretty silly.

Didn't quite have the same heart and soul of the first one.

So they cross the ocean.  In about about two minutes of screen time.  The rest of the story is at the other end.  Which is fine, it was just a bit jarring.

Stay to the end of the credits.  And then wonder how they managed to survive like that for that long.

More 10

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So windows 10 has not been as disruptive as I thought.


The damned Antimalware Service Executable interferes with everything.  Mainly GeoSetter.  Any time I try and save images edited with GeoSetter, the stoopid Windows Defender decides to hogg all the available CPU, and my machine grinds to a halt.  Saving a directory of images in GeoSetter used to take minutes, now it takes *hours* :(:(:(  Super frustrating.  I've tried putting in exclusions for the MsMpEng.exe, for the GeoSetter.exe and the photo folder, but nothing works.  It's making the whole geotagging process very frustrating.  #grunt


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So a pretty good weekend.  In that I got to spend most of it at home doing *stuff*.

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on my puta.  After one false start I tried again and it installed.  Took most of the day to download, install, fail, try again and install.

Some notes so far:

* video adapter was not found straight away so had to download an updated driver for it
* ugly window frames.  seriously.  ugly.
* it kept all my task bar settings which was nice of it
* gadgets are gone - but logitech motion sensor still works
* images defaulted back to opening with microsoft, had to change back to acdsee
* geosetter had a spaz about Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure it was that - could just have been our internet which has been mostly dead all weekend, or the file on the site just wasn't there anymore.  Coincidence?

Other than that yesterday was fish tank stuff, housework and food shopping.  Chrissie came up in the evening for a roast pork dinner, and we just chatted for ages after dinner which was nice.

Today was some food cooking, holiday photo processing, a walk with Chris, pool maintenance, more food cooking etc.  I'm sure there was more but it escapes me right now.

Our internet has been epic fubar this weekend.  Usually it's bad when it's windy/rainy, but it's been especially fail this weekend.  

Oh we also bought some danios to be dither fish in my upstairs two foot, which they did splendidly for.  The rummy nosed tetras coloured up beautifully and have been swimming around not just hiding.  The danios I have in my big tank look *huge* in comparison - I think they're all girls!  Stu bought some worms which I've fed to all the fish.  The angel knew exactly what to do, but the danios took a while to figure out they were food!


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Another mostly cleaning day today.  And looking at things and finding more things that *need* to be cleaned, cause I can't help myself.

Watched some Homeland tonight and then Zero Dark Thirty.  It's a bit choppy and slow to start with, but picks up towards the end.  Very long.  But we both liked it.

And I've been freaking out about this photo I scanned yesterday, taken almost exactly thirty years ago..

Canberra Times Fountain - 1986


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It snowed in Canberra last week.  I woke up (a zombie due to lack of sleep) and walked out into the kitchen and thought it was a super heavy frost before realising it was snow.  That woke me up somewhat!





Then last night we had the warmest overnight July night temperature in recorded history.  Craziness.

Tonight I only geotagged some of day 24's photos, and didn't do any fish tank rescues, but did attack the piles of crap next to my desk.  Still a long way to go.


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FFPD?  Frustrating Proxy Day.  Stoopid things don't log *anything* is a user is denied authorisation to a site.  How fail is that?

Tonight was continued Eat What's In the House week.  Tonight's random dinner was some of those damned white beans from like a year ago.  Then more fish tank maintenance, this time downstairs.  Got to do a day of geotagging tonight, but by then it was pretty late and didn't have the energy to attack the pile of crap next to my computer.

Nothing's tripped the RCD in the past 24 hours.  Wondering if maybe it was the USB charger device that's fairly new and I turned off after both power incidents.  Guess I'll plug the RCD in front of that next ..


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Had a pretty good night's sleep last night which was nice.

Tonight I had a huge todo list but only did part of it.

I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.  We watched an episode of Homeland.  I did a water change in the two foot tank upstairs.  I did a load of washing.  I didn't attack the huge pile of paper around my desk like I wanted to, but did clean off the surface of my desk.  I didn't look at or geotag the next day of holiday photos, but I did manage to geotag all mum's photos of the half day tour she did by herself while I caught up on stuff and had some down time.  

Our power tripped again this afternoon :(:(  Was it even that big tank heater??  Who knows now :(  I bought an RCD from Jaycar and we plugged it in front of Stu's small tanks.  I want to completely redo the power in the study.  I want to have all the fish tank stuff on one outlet (with the RCD) and all the computer stuff on another.  We probably run way too much off the one double outlet, but short of running new circuits through the house, what else are we meant to do?  Maybe we should run a circuit just for all the fish tanks heh.

Need to find some time so I can breathe.

Where'd I get up to?

Thursday night we had a whiskey tasting night.  Nothing really stood out for me.  Mostly because Neil didn't get any peaty whiskeys heh.  The four Scottish ones were much the same (one was slightly rougher than the others).  The Nikka was probably my favourite, just because of the hint of smoke.  Early night and slept reasonably well.

Whisky July

Whisky July

Friday I got a bunch of cleanup work done, then left early and headed with the sweetie down to the coast.  Stopped in Batemans Bay for dinner at KFC (bad move - they're even more inefficient than Belconnen and we took fifteen minutes to get our food!).  Chilled out at the house, and I started a jigsaw.

Saturday I finished the first jigsaw and moved onto a second.  Went to Myrtle Beach and even had a swim (well a wade really, I hadn't taken my glasses off and didn't want to lose them).  It was cold, but not freezing.  Couple of weirdos though - one meerkat and his wandering mate.  Yeup.  Saturday night we got pizzas from Steveo's.  We got three, but really only needed one.  Two tops - having some for breakfast we *still* brought home a full pizza!  Then watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see if it was as bad as we remembered.  It was.  And then some.

Coast breakfast

Myrtle Beach walk

Myrtle Beach

Steveo's Pizza

Today I finished the second jigsaw and decided to squeeze in a third while the sweetie did reading for uni.  Then cleaned up and came home.

Blue coast view

Almost hit two kangaroos - one on the way down on Friday night, and one on the way out to Myrtle Beach.  The second one was panicking and actually slipped over on the road in front of us.  We'd slowed right down though so it was all fine.  The first one just bounced gently across the road in front of us but didn't do anything stoopid.

Tried to doze on the way home but didn't succeed.  

I'm still sick with this damned cold.  Stuffed up nose so haven't been able to breathe in days.  I didn't feel like doing *anything* when I got home.  So *blip* there goes another weekend with nothing achieved at home :(  (I did manage to look at and geotag day 22 of the holiday though, so I guess that's *something*).


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Sunday I got sick.  Felt like crap.

Monday morning I still felt like crap and had a sore throat and a bit of a cough.  So stayed at home and rested (in front of movies - Star Trek Into Darkness and The Martian) and attempted to doze (failed).  Of course since I'd rested all day I didn't actually feel tired on Monday night did I?? Took hours to get to sleep :(

Tuesday felt somewhat better (although super tired) so went to work.  Had pizza with Potty and Jake in the evening and watched Independence Day.  At 9:15pm, possibly as a result of power surges from the storm (various parts of Canberra lost power) our main power circuit tripped.  Flicked it back on.  Then at midnight it tripped again.  Disconnected the printer even though I knew it wouldn't be that.  At 2am it tripped again!  Gah!  Having been expecting it to keep tripping, I really didn't sleep at all.  At the 2am wakeup I disconnected the big fish tank.  As I was pulling the power, it tripped again!  So fairly likely it was that tank doing it.  Managed to sleep the rest of the night, but was a zombie today.

Oh also at 2am two random dogs came to say hi when I went outside.  Never seen them before (for a second I thought one of them was Petal).  No collars on either of them so couldn't call the owners.  They wanted to come inside but our house isn't setup for it so left them be (my nerves were frazzled enough I couldn't really deal with random dogs in the middle of the night).  Hope they made it home ok.

Tonight we went and got a new heater for that tank (it's always the heaters that do the tripping).  So far so good.  Is there some device you can get that will trip the power before the whole house circuit breakers trip?  Aren't those power boards with surge protectors meant to do that sort of thing?

Also sad is that my computer doesn't seem to recognise the UPS anymore.  It knows it's there, but doesn't recognise when it's gone onto battery mode :(


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So Friday night after the hot water dramas, headed out with Kit and Serena for a couple of drinks at the George.  Then came home and had a nice early night.

Saturday spent pretty much the whole day alternating between Nonogram puzzles and housework.  Tidied the spare room, the bedroom, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed half the house, washed some sheets.  I think that was all.  Then Potty and Jake arrived so chilled out with them for the rest of the arvo.  Cooked a lamb roast for dinner.

Today we had a fairly lazy start to the day.  I might have gotten more stuff done in the afternoon, but I started feeling fuzzy like I'm coming down with something.  This time there's a bit of a cough as well.  *sigh*  So really didn't get anything much done today :(  The sweetie has been feeling pretty blah too - all weekend in fact.  Fun times.. not.. :(

In Hot Water

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Last week the power tripped just after we left for work, resulting in cold fish tanks and dead fish.  The hot water circuit had tripped that day as well.

Then on Friday morning, my shower water was just barely warm.  Had a look, and the hot water circuit had tripped again.  Turned it back on, but about ten minutes later the whole house as well as the hot water tripped.  

Uh oh.

So I went and had a look at the tank.  The thing was bulging and there were ants crawling around the electrical bit.  

Definitely uh oh.

Dead hot water

Dead hot water

Called Rheem and told them all about it, and they said yup, she be dead.  The thing is 25 years old, so to be expected I guess.  Very likely the pressure relief valve had gotten stuck at some point.

Anyways, then had to try a replacement.  In a hurry.

Called someone at random from the Yellow Pages - 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing.  The dude said he'd had a cancellation that morning and could do it right then!  Hurrah!!  So he came out an hour later and spent a couple of hours pulling out the old one and installing the new one.  We're going to have to nuke all the ants that have taken up residence though.

New hot water tank

After he was done, we went into work (via The Scottish Restaurant - it was nearly lunch time after all).

Got home.  No hot water.


Called the dude again.  He wanted me to check it had power (I'd already done that - second rule of tech support after all).  And I'd seen him test it before he left.  So he said he'd drop by on his way home.  Half an hour later he comes by and tests all the connections.  It was definitely getting power, and the thermostat was definitely telling the element to heat up.  So he replaced the element, and we all crossed our fingers that it would work.

An hour later we checked it - hot water!!!! Yayyyy!!!  That was a relief!

Pretty bad that the thing was DOA.  The dude said they basically never have any problems with those tanks though.  So we were just unlucky.


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Independence DayTonight went with Neil to see Independence Day: Resurgence (we would have seen it on Monday but Neil had a Lion's club meeting).


It's basically a massive CGI-fest with a lot going on but nothing ever very complicated.

It was set in present day, but a futurised version because mankind had unified and made huge advances in technology.  That was a little odd.

No real *substance*.  Just a lot of fluff really.

Sure it was a bit of silly popcorn fun, just nowhere near as good as the original.

The worst bit was the whole "it's got it's own gravity" scene.  Yeup.

We also had one of Hoyts' new recliner seat cinemas.  Not convinced.  Those chairs are really not designed for short people like me.  I couldn't sit up straight because my legs hung uncomfortably off the chair.  And reclining was uncomfortable on my spine.  In the end I partly reclined to give my legs support and leaned on the arm rest to give my back some support and then it wasn't too bad.

Had a pretty quiet weekend (the best kind really).

Spent Saturday doing photo sorting and house work type stuff. Went down to vote about 4:30pm but there were queues :(  First time I've voted that late and had to queue.  Sad times.  Don't know if the school was doing them earlier or not, but never did get a #democracysausage.

Saturday night we went to Mishi's for a games night.  Sadly Damien and Amanda couldn't make it due to sickness.  Ate and chatted for a while, played a few games of Pirate Fluxx (I think I won one game) and had a relatively early night.

Today was mostly photo stuff, a bit of jigsawing, food shopping etc.  I wish I was one of the lucky ones retiring so I could do all the housey stuff that never seems to get done due to lack of time :(

Towards the end of the first tour in Germany, I was eyeing off the tour guide's book that he was reading - Raise the Titanic!  This guy reads through books every couple of days on tour, and was happy to give me not only that book, but also the next book he finished - Gray Mountain.  So those books kept me going til the end of the Scandanvia trip (I read a lot less on those because SCENERY!).

I was actually reading Raise the Titanic! on the ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki.  Another surreal book reading experience right there. I mostly enjoyed the book, except for the several-page long tidy up of answering all the questions of everything that happened at the climax - much like in the Harry Potter books.  Quite a few "yeah right" moments along the way too - like they seriously thought they could not only seal up *all* the holes - that includes all of the top decks which were never meant to be sealed - but not have it all implode from the water pressure at that depth??  hrmmmmm.  Still, it was an enjoyable enough read.

The other was John Grisham's Gray Mountain.  Somewhat depressing knowing all that stuff is going on in real life.  And like real life, the story really doesn't end.  It would have been nice to have some sort of epilogue to find how how some of the bigger stories ended for the characters, if not for the real life situation.. but I suppose that's life ..

Having a Ball?

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Last Saturday night was our work ball at The Abbey at Gold Creek.  Nice night, although could have had more food...

Work ball

Work ball

Work ball

Work ball

Louise and Lachie won best dressed..

Work ball

Work ball

Work ball

Work ball

Wins and Losses

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Had a fairly decent weekend last weekend.  Got quite a few things done on the todo list, including renewing my domain names (kazza.id.au has been in existence for fourteen years today!), vacuuming and cleaning out the pool, washing the sheets, installing windows 10 on my little laptop (and the GPS software still works hurrah!), cleaning the kitchen, some fish tank work, food shopping and cooking.  Didn't do the house vacuuming though.

In between we had our work ball, which I'll get some photos online for eventually.

This week was a very strange week.  We had several farewell events for the Chrises including a long lunch on Wednesday.  Gonna miss them.  It also seems certain that we will lose literally the best bar in Canberra.  And our carpark.  All very depressing.  Got some work done in between, although wasn't terribly motivated.

I also got grumpy this week at Insight Vacations who have been ignoring my emails.  And at myself for not registering for the last Ingress Anomoly - which means the hundreds of jarvises, adas, cubes, bursters etc that I donated to the cause will have been for nothing :(

Our pool froze over twice during the week.  And yesterday the power tripped early in the morning which means the fish tank heaters didn't work all day, and we lost some fish in the smallest tank :(  

Pool ice

Have been spending mornings scanning mum's photos.  Two weeks to scan each album, give or take.  So one down this morning, four more to go until the next swap-meet when I can get some more.

And I have this odd sort of feeling that I'm coming down with something.

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