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Had a pretty good night's sleep last night which was nice.

Tonight I had a huge todo list but only did part of it.

I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.  We watched an episode of Homeland.  I did a water change in the two foot tank upstairs.  I did a load of washing.  I didn't attack the huge pile of paper around my desk like I wanted to, but did clean off the surface of my desk.  I didn't look at or geotag the next day of holiday photos, but I did manage to geotag all mum's photos of the half day tour she did by herself while I caught up on stuff and had some down time.  

Our power tripped again this afternoon :(:(  Was it even that big tank heater??  Who knows now :(  I bought an RCD from Jaycar and we plugged it in front of Stu's small tanks.  I want to completely redo the power in the study.  I want to have all the fish tank stuff on one outlet (with the RCD) and all the computer stuff on another.  We probably run way too much off the one double outlet, but short of running new circuits through the house, what else are we meant to do?  Maybe we should run a circuit just for all the fish tanks heh.

Need to find some time so I can breathe.

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