Fairly quiet weekend

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Had a pretty quiet weekend (the best kind really).

Spent Saturday doing photo sorting and house work type stuff. Went down to vote about 4:30pm but there were queues :(  First time I've voted that late and had to queue.  Sad times.  Don't know if the school was doing them earlier or not, but never did get a #democracysausage.

Saturday night we went to Mishi's for a games night.  Sadly Damien and Amanda couldn't make it due to sickness.  Ate and chatted for a while, played a few games of Pirate Fluxx (I think I won one game) and had a relatively early night.

Today was mostly photo stuff, a bit of jigsawing, food shopping etc.  I wish I was one of the lucky ones retiring so I could do all the housey stuff that never seems to get done due to lack of time :(

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