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Independence DayTonight went with Neil to see Independence Day: Resurgence (we would have seen it on Monday but Neil had a Lion's club meeting).


It's basically a massive CGI-fest with a lot going on but nothing ever very complicated.

It was set in present day, but a futurised version because mankind had unified and made huge advances in technology.  That was a little odd.

No real *substance*.  Just a lot of fluff really.

Sure it was a bit of silly popcorn fun, just nowhere near as good as the original.

The worst bit was the whole "it's got it's own gravity" scene.  Yeup.

We also had one of Hoyts' new recliner seat cinemas.  Not convinced.  Those chairs are really not designed for short people like me.  I couldn't sit up straight because my legs hung uncomfortably off the chair.  And reclining was uncomfortable on my spine.  In the end I partly reclined to give my legs support and leaned on the arm rest to give my back some support and then it wasn't too bad.


Aquila said:

Even not so short people like me find the reclining chairs at Hoyts to be painful to sit in for a whole movie. ;-)

July 7, 2016 11:31 AM


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