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Does anyone know how I can show more than five comments at once? The MT interface only has five, but it makes it harder to review them when there's only five shown...

Week 121

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  1. Crowd:: lost
  2. Hamburger:: burgler
  3. Choker:: throat
  4. Lights:: twinkle
  5. Tinsel:: shiny
  6. Testament:: new
  7. Best part of the day:: sunset
  8. Election:: politician
  9. Clarinet:: oboe
  10. Cake or death:: cake

Honestly you are the sweetest guy! :)
OK so I didn't actually use the lego you sent, but it will go into my greater mosaic supply. But the idea was there, and while I should have been packing, I did this:

Blogography tshirt and lego

So Schapelle Corby was convicted of drug trafficking in Bali and sentenced to 20 years.

Maybe she did it, maybe she didn't. My gut feeling is that she didn't. Why would anyone smuggle drugs *into* Bali - it's surely worth more here than there?!? I feel it was a case of she was guilty until proven innocent, which of course was never going to happen.

One thing's for sure, I'll never go to Indonesia. Ever.

Just because I haven't done a Thursday Challenge in months...

Here's the contents (bar two - the two books I'm currently reading) of my BookCrossing TBR shelf.. one of these years I'll read them :)

Bookcrossing TBR

I was rather tired last night and about to go to bed, when I realised I hadn't posted anything for the evening. What I didn't realise, when I was posting Nothing to see here, was that it was in fact, the 1000th entry of this blog!

Ironically, on the same day as this post, I received a comment on an earlier entry about how much of a waste of internet space my blog is.

So, 1000 pieces of clutter on the internet. And all I have to say to anyone that gets suckered into coming here from a stray Google search is "sucked in". mwooohahhaahh :)

Moving right along.

Did you know there is a vegetable called a swede? I didn't!

Skip to tomorrow.
Somehow I started writing this but went to bed and forgot to finish it.. oops! :)

Yes apparently there is a vegetable called a swede, which I'd never heard of, and only heard of it because I looked at the ingredients list on a packet of chunky frozen vegetables. I had to go look it up on google to find out what it was.

It's finally starting to get cold here too..

Raid me baby

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The only other "highlight" of the weekend was discovering at 4:45pm on Friday evening that one of the disks in our main mail server had failed. However it was one of the disks we were given last year by Dell after the big stuffup with the file server. So then it was a frantic dash to get hold of our account manager, and then onto the tech support line to convince them that they should give us another disk. Fortunately it all worked out (even after not having any seagate disks of the right sort in the country (wtf??) and looking like we'd need to get one flown in from Singapore, and finally ending up with a fujitsu drive), and they delivered it to my house late Friday night. Installed it on Saturday and it spent the next few hours rebuilding the array, but luckily all went well and the raid was happy again by the end of it.

Anyone know how to configure Dell OpenManage to email me if a disk dies?

There's a very simple reason carbohydrates are fattening - because five minutes later you're hungry again!!

I had some leftover pasta for lunch (and a *late* lunch mind you), and an hour or so later I was starving again. That's just ridiculous! The same mass of protein would have kept me happily satisfied til dinner. I think that is part of the logic behind the Atkins diet? - protein and fatty foods fill you up betterer, so you just don't eat as much of it. Or something.

Week 120

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  1. Heimlich:: maneouver (how do you spell that? :) )
  2. Gesture:: hand
  3. Party:: hat
  4. Cuddle:: huggle
  5. Room with a view:: movie
  6. Sebastian:: shaw
  7. Ooooh:: aaaah
  8. Sigh:: deep
  9. Two fish, three fish:: red fish blue fish
  10. Cake or death:: marie antoinette?

I wasn't going to do this meme, even though I've seen it on a stack of blogs in the past week. But Fiona told me I had to :)

Total volume of music files on my computer…
2.8gb. I don't listen to music on my computer, I'd much rather listen to my cds on a decent sound system (well decent compared to my crap computer speakers). I've only recently started to rip my cds simply as a backup in case they all get stolen.

The last CD I bought was…
"Where were you? 1989" - that and "Where were you? 1988", a semi-decent compilation cd from 88/89, the prime of my music life.

Song playing right now…
Lemme just go turn on the radio.. No Lies by Noiseworks (Triple-M are doing another 80s weekend).

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me…
The beauty of my cd player is that it plays everything on random shuffle, so I don't hear anything more often than anything else. I've commented in another post about favourite songs.

People I’m passing this on to:
hrm, who hasn't done it? .. How about Stu, Delmer, and Paul? But honestly I don't care! :)

FQ1: What's your native language? Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, how did you come to learn them?
I speak english, having been born in Australia. I can ein bischen deutsch, but only a very little bit (learn in high school for a couple of years).

FQ2: What's your native country? Have you visited any foreign countries? If so, which ones?
Oh, already answered - Australia. I've been to New Zealand, Canada, and the USA (three times)

FQ3: Are there any foreign foods, books, movies, or other items that you are particularly fond of? Name some of your favorites.
The good thing about living in Sydney is that we get an amazing variety of foreign food. I like Thai, even though I don't like chili spice heh, italian, lebanese, mexican (again without the chili :) ).. well at least aspects of all sorts of things.

FQ NATIVE: If you had to trade your nationality for that of any foreign country, which would you choose and why?
Well I don't think I would for a start (Australia is the best country in the world ;) ). Possibly British or something European like German. I dunno.

i ii iii iv v vi

So last night I did something that'll probably go down as a once-in-a-lifetime. I watched all six episodes of Star Wars. In order. Back to back. In 15 hours.

A friend of Striker's managed to get tickets to a midnight showing, so we started at 6pm with episodes I and II, then off to the cinema to see III, then back to Striker's to watch IV, V, and VI.

Was a brilliant night. The hardest part was staying awake between 5-6am, at the beginning-middle of Empire Strikes Back.

Episode III exceeded expections. That is, I had no expectations after I and II, and so was pleasantly surprised by this one. The story was good, the acting was good, the effects were stunning. It's very intense, very dark, very sad. I definitely want to go see it again.

The only two gripes I had with it (spoilers following) were Anakin's descent into evil and overuse of cgi.

I felt Anakin's change to the dark side was just a little bit too much of a stretch. I think he still had too much of a conscience left in him at the time for him to do what he did to the jedi. I actually would have found it more believable if he'd been wronged more deeply by one or more jedi and so he really was out for revenge. But it came across as he was only doing it because he was told to in order to save Padme. I think if it came down to it, choosing Padme's life over the lives of all the jedi wouldn't have been something he'd do. I just don't think he'd gotten "cold" enough to do that.

The other issue is cgi everywhere. I mean don't get me wrong, it's utterly beautifully filmed, but it just felt like nothing was tangibly real. The entire thing was shot at Fox Studios in Sydney. No location shooting whatsover (except a couple of flyby background plates). I can't imagine the actors would have had an interesting work environment. Just a few different textured floors, and lots of bluescreen. It felt almost like the entire thing was just a nice computer game.

So anyway. My 0.022c inc gst.

I still haven't actually had any sleep yet. Think I'll try not to, and get some stuff sorted out that I never get to on the weekends.


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I think I about all you can say about this is..



So totally annoyed. I accidently read on one of the blogs I read who won this season of survivor.

Totally pissed now, it spoiled the watching of the finale tonight >:(

Well papa krib was being a bastard and terrorising my tetras and corys, so he's been evicted from that tank. I thought about putting him in the aggressive fish tank in the other room, but I think he'd be murdered there. And I thought about putting him back in his tank with his little wifey, but thought she'd probably pick on him again, and he would be likely to eat the babies. So I decided to put him in the angel tank (three angels and three top-dwelling glass catfish). He'll be the only bottom-dweller in there and the angels can take care of themselves. I just hope he doesn't get ich in there, will have to keep a close eye on it. So far he's just cowering in the corner, but I put a nice big cave in there from the other tank he was in so hopefully he'll find it.

2004: Left for the United States for six weeks
2001: Finances settled on this flat
1999: Kissed a boy I'd had a crush on for a couple of years
1999: Gavin and Fran got married

My brother moved into one of his houses on this day too, but don't know what year. 2003 maybe?

Week 119

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  1. Grandma:: grandpa
  2. Pet:: hate
  3. Desolate:: place
  4. Backspace:: delete
  5. Common ground:: neutral
  6. Storm:: tea cup
  7. Dark:: night
  8. Water bottle:: drink
  9. Training:: notes
  10. Dot coms:: startups

Aside from sleeping and getting dressed, I've spent a total of one hour home this weekend.

Friday night was the Unreal Tournament night and didn't get home til Saturday.

Saturday day was a big working bee at Luc's place. We filled a really big skip and half filled another.

Saturday night was Matt and Helen's engagement party (and his 21st). My dad piked cause he hates going to rellie stuff, especially where they play the music loud. Neither of his brothers came either, nor did me brother, so of the "nuclear" family, there was my mum and I, my aunty, and her three sons (one of whom was the guest of honour). And about 60 other people, some of which I see regularly at these events, including really cute uncle-in-law. Was a really good night actually, and they didn't turn up the music to deafening volumes til quite late.

Sunday morning church, then headed out to Picton for a Bookcrossing meetup. Picked up two books. I really *really* need to read some of them!! Took some pics of a steam train running out of Thirlmere then wandered back to Yvonne's and watched the entire tv series version of Hitchhiker's.

My new toll tag didn't go off on the way home, so hope they don't fine me :( Stoopid roadworks mucked everything up.

Star Wars II is on telly tonight, but I don't think I'll watch any of it, hoping to do a Star Wars marathon on Wednesday night, assuming Striker's friend can secure tickets for one of the midnight sessions..

I'm not coping at the moment. I need some time at home, even if it's only to clean up my flat! I feel like I just can't get my life in order because I'm out all the time. It's starting to stress me out.

The angel fish I got from the neighbour died on Saturday morning :( Kicking myself that I didn't move it into the big tank. It might have had half a chance against other angels than tiger barbs, a mystery yellow cichlid and a huge catfish. So that was sad.

Also lost another neon tetra in tank 2, so down to 4 tetras in that tank. Whether it was caused by introducing the papa krib in there or not I don't know. But they've definitely become middle rather than bottom dwellers. So far the three corys are doing ok, although they are being chased around by the krib, which I'm a little worried about. But papa is definitely a lot happier in that tank.

Boring answers, sorry

FQ1: What music puts you in the mood for romance?
Shrug. Nothing in particular over anything else.

FQ2: Where is the perfect place for romancing someone?
Maybe an ocean at sunset or something.

FQ3: What kind of foods get you feeling romantic?
Again, nothing in particular. Maybe something sensual like strawberries/cherries/raspberries.

FQ LOVER: How would somebody go about winning your heart?
Be a friend first. I typically have to know a guy for a least six months before there is any romantic interest at all. I don't do "dating".


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Six of us stayed back after work tonight for a bit of a death match. We played whatever the latest version of Unreal Tournament is.

I alternated between absolutely loving it and having a ball, and absolutely hating it and wishing I could go home, depending on the map and availability of weapons. Some levels I might only make two kills and just get constantly killed, but in others be able to hold my own with the rest of the guys.

I like the old version better. Most of the maps in the new version don't have a sniper rifle, and when it's there it's now not as easy to use. It takes a lot longer between shots and is a lot harder to kill with one shot. I actually found I had most success with the default pistol.. go figure!

Kazza Lite

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In case any of you were freaked out by my banner, I'm now linking to a variation of kazaa called kazza. Download it today and help fund my lego collection ;)


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Felt like a zombie for much of the afternoon. Got home and just needed to *sit* for an hour.

Got Lost and The Amazing Race watched, water changes in two tanks, and moved the papa krib into another tank (mama was beating him up). He flipped himself out of the net and onto the table in the process though, so he got even more stressed out :(

Now I want to go to bed, but that requires getting up out of this seat, and washing my plate from dinner, and brushing my teeth, and getting into my pjs. It'd take less energy to just sit here :/

I don't get why kids refuse to sleep. ok, I do get it, cause I still remember what it was like when life was so exciting that you didn't want to waste it by sleeping. Now sleep is a craving that is rarely satisfied.

Jim and John are just plain rude to me, and it's pissing me off.

Took some more photos at Luc's place. But my opportunities for taking photos are getting shorter and shorter. As it is I have to race off from work early just so I can be at the house for 15 minutes of enough light to take photos. With still over a month to solstice it's only going to get harder :( Oh well, I suppose soon the roof will be done, and everything will need the flash anyway...

Now I'm going to bed.


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It's only Tuesday isn't it? blah.

Two hour staff meeting at cia. blah.

Bookcrossing meetup at the Porterhouse Pub in Surrey Hills. Stayed for three rounds of trivia, where we were losing, but I got a few answers right. Only brought home one book, and that only cause I started reading it (short stories) and felt like I should finish it. Had to put up with Sunday drivers on the way home and lights that favour side streets.

And now it's 11pm. blah.


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Hands up who thinks we should be having afternoon siestas?

Even for fifteen minutes. There's just this point after I get back from lunch that I can't function and just need to doze for a bit.

Actually I feel like that about now. Oh wait, maybe that's because it's bed time.

Took more photos at Luc's place, although forgot to go shopping. Made a 360° panorama although it's not the best quality. Too many variations in distances. Panoramas are best made when everything is a long way away.

360 pan around luc's study

So I borrowed a digital tuner card off me little brother today. Well it works, however it seems that my computer is too slow to cope with the input (it's a PIII 866!). This box actually picks up all the digital channels and seems to have no problem with them. So I don't know what was wrong with the box I borrowed off Campbell. But it also means that my aerial should work fine. This one even works with my old set of rabbit-ears, although not the aerial that comes with the box.


I need two things:

  • ability to record television straight to hard drive so that I can one day retire my vcr machines
  • ability to digitise my old vhs tapes
    Actually I need three things. The third:
  • decent enough video editing software to process the stuff I digitise and burn the lot to dvd

    The first option is a hi-fi dvd recorder. If I get one with a hard drive I can use it as a vcr. The disadvantages, aside from the fact they're mostly only analogue at the moment, is that their editing is terribly primitive. Basically you can't with any control. It'd be ok for a short-medium term solution but I'd probably want to reedit everything at some point in the future and redo it all.

    The other option is a tuner card of some sort. Having established that at least one digital tuner card works here I can probably safely get a digital one. The disadvantage is that I'd need a new computer.

    So, a new computer with a tuner card and a big hard drive, and some good video editing software. What to get. I actually for a moment considered getting one of these (Dave'd be proud), but I don't think they have video inputs (I wonder if you can get a usb or firewire box with rca and aerial inputs?). Anyone have any recommendations or advice on what to get?

  • Week 118

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    1. Android:: Marvin
    2. Revenge:: cold
    3. Knight:: rider
    4. Stranded:: wilderness
    5. Weakness:: strength
    6. Greed:: more
    7. Walter:: kronkite
    8. Dense:: thick
    9. Sheep:: wool
    10. Propane:: gas

    Dave's Icecream

    I'm full. I feel like I've been eating all day. Took Nana out to chinese for lunch which was all very nice, then Dave and Yvonne and I went for dessert - and had a massive bowl of ice cream each. I somehow managed to fill my ice cream stomach, which I didn't think was possible! Both restaurants took the opportunity to rip us off. The chinese place charged $1 each Sunday surcharge, and then $1 *each* per plastic container of leftovers. The ice creamery charged 90c for a small sprinkling of nuts, even though I'd asked them to remove the whipped cream. Oh well, what can you do really.

    Now to see if I can get Dave's digital tuner to work (not holding out much hope..)

    Still haven't finished doing what I wanted to do tonight. But still need to do the dishes, and wash my hair, and get to bed before 3am.

    Did get that server upgraded today. It took hours though, as every step of the way went so sloooooowwwwwly because we were trying to put w2k3 onto a machine that's probably 5 or 6 years old.

    FQ1: What's an ideal day for you when it's sunny and blue skies?
    I usually try to avoid direct sunlight. I burn in about thirty seconds. Ideally I guess I'd like to be out doing *anything* but since the number of people I know that I actually get to do anything with is severely limited, I'm most likely to be spending it in front of my computer.

    FQ2: What's an ideal day for you when it's overcast and rainy?
    Sitting in front of my computer and/or a dvd

    FQ3: What's an ideal day for you when it's cold and snowy?
    Skiing of course! :)

    FQ FORECAST: What's the weather forecast for your area this coming weekend? (find it at What will you be doing out there in it?
    Showers. I have to go to work to upgrade a server from NT4 to 2003. Also doing the rellie bash thing for mothers day.

    Aside from the fact that I'd suck badly at it, I'd totally love to do it. The last series finished last week, and the next one started tonight. Having Rob and Amber from survivor in it is going to be fun. Are they like reality show junkies or what?

    And who is the mole? Or where rather... I love that show! Bring on another season! :)

    hrm, in three minutes it'll be tomorrow..

    A baby krib
    Here's one of the babies. Isn't it cute? If barely visible, heh.

    And here's a bunch of them, with the father behind them for scale.

    Baby kribs

    The good:
    The neighbour in the next block appears to be back. Lights have been on and off in different combinations over the past 24 hours.

    The bad:
    Fire-safteying the building looks like it'll cost us $3000-$5000 *per flat* !!

    The hard:
    Computer games. Steve brought the Star Wars lego game over and he and James were playing it. But it's like you have to know that if you happen to do a double jump in the right position on top of a bunch of other lego, you'll see some bits of lego floating just above you that you can grab to build something later. Like wtf? I just don't get computer games. Anything more complicated than tetris or shoot-anything-that-moves and I'm totally lost.


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    My kribs brought out another litter of 60-80 babies tonight! Very exciting :):)

    Don't Panic

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    Dinner at Sahara: $20
    Ice cream dessert: $3.40
    Movie ticket: $7.20
    Seeing Hitchhikers with Striker and Sarah: Priceless


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    For some reason all I manage to achieve on the weekend on my blog is fluff. Whereas in fact I actually got quite a lot done.

    Friday night was meant to be a video night at Ric's to watch the Running Man, but we lost interest in that and ended up just listening to music and bopping.

    Saturday morning I cleaned out a bunch of stuff from the flat and garage. I threw out four computers, a monitor, a printer, and a couple of old pots and boxes for the next council cleanup. By Sunday afternoon the whole lot was gone. Go figure.

    Saturday night dinner at the parents. Saw a spectacular moonrise on the way home. It was a half moon, but almost at 45° It looked really strange.

    Sunday after church walked up to the shops to look for jeans. After swearing I'd never go to jeanswest again after they changed their sizes without telling anyone, meaning I had two pairs of jeans that were too big for me for two years. But I was out of options cause the other jeans shops don't make jeans that fit bodies like mine. So back to jeanswest. Strangely enough (after choosing a size smaller than my previous pairs) they fitted perfectly first go. Sigh. Not only that, but $45 cheaper *per pair* than the other jeans stores had. What can you do really.

    Got my garage swept out and all the boxes and packing materials sorted, and suddenly it feels a bunch more spacious. Coolness.

    Weekend finished out with my favourite beef stew dinner at Alan's, and some fizzling. Took some fairly cool sunset photos.

    uts sunset

    Tonight while sorting out some lego I found I was almost visitor 8888888 to Bricklink, so I reloaded the page a few times til I got there :)


    Week 117

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    1. Texas:: big
    2. Scholarship:: money
    3. Runner-up:: second
    4. Mustang Sally:: ride
    5. Jones:: casey
    6. Hard to get:: playful
    7. Jewish:: sami
    8. Crew:: cut
    9. Cable:: tie
    10. Assistant:: helper
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