Why carbohydrates are fattening

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There's a very simple reason carbohydrates are fattening - because five minutes later you're hungry again!!

I had some leftover pasta for lunch (and a *late* lunch mind you), and an hour or so later I was starving again. That's just ridiculous! The same mass of protein would have kept me happily satisfied til dinner. I think that is part of the logic behind the Atkins diet? - protein and fatty foods fill you up betterer, so you just don't eat as much of it. Or something.


Aurelius said:

The Atkins diet (as I understand it - I've never read much about it) is about eating more meat, and less other stuff, right?
And its become popular when a Texan rancher is President of the western world.


May 24, 2005 8:31 PM


kazza said:

I think it's eat as much meat as you like, a little bit of veggies, and *no* carbohydrates. No sugar, no bread, no biscuits, no cakes, no pasta, no potatoes. Or something like that.

May 24, 2005 8:43 PM


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