I just want to sleep, honestly

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I don't get why kids refuse to sleep. ok, I do get it, cause I still remember what it was like when life was so exciting that you didn't want to waste it by sleeping. Now sleep is a craving that is rarely satisfied.

Jim and John are just plain rude to me, and it's pissing me off.

Took some more photos at Luc's place. But my opportunities for taking photos are getting shorter and shorter. As it is I have to race off from work early just so I can be at the house for 15 minutes of enough light to take photos. With still over a month to solstice it's only going to get harder :( Oh well, I suppose soon the roof will be done, and everything will need the flash anyway...

Now I'm going to bed.


delmer said:

My boys were just talking about the Summer Solstice -- I believe we're headed the opposite way from you ... the days are getting longer.

I told them (jokingly) that if you time it right you can balance an egg on end on a table. My middle child suggested he'd balance an egg in his butt cheeks.

My youngest pointed out, correctly, that that would be easier. The oldest chimed in that they didn't need to wait for Solstice for that trick.

Sometimes it's like driving with the Three Stooges.

May 12, 2005 2:01 PM


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