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Wednesday nights I usually go walking with my friend George(ina). Tonight, both of us needed milk, so we decided to walk to the shops. Along the way we passed several abandoned shopping trolleys. One of them was from Target, about a suburb away. Another was from K-mart. The nearest k-mart was three suburbs away! I can't believe people walk their shopping trolleys those sorts of distances! That's just nuts if you ask me.

Closer to the shops we passed two more trolleys belonging to the centre, so we wheeled them the rest of the way. People watching must have thought we were crazy :)

Then we had to walk back to George's place with kilos and kilos of milk - good arm muscle workout if nothing else! Although I tried to minimise using my right hand, which is suffering from RSI at the moment from spending my life operating a mouse. It's aching quite a bit at the moment, even after spending all of today and some of yesterday using the mouse with my left hand - such a bizarre thing to get used to! We're looking at getting either a rolly-ball or joystick mouse for work that we can use when our wrists get sore from our ordinary mouses.

Urgh it's after 11. I wanted to be in bed by 10:30 tonight. /me grumbles off in the general direction of bed.

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