Weird Al Yankovic

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Went to see Weird Al Yankovic at the Royal Theatre at the Convention Centre tonight.

Two notes to self:
* always remember to take ear plugs along to these sorts of things
* never ever book tickets on the floor of the Convention Centre

Apart from having to jam my fingers in my hears for maybe a third of the night, and getting very frustrated from not being able to see the stage from behind all the tall people in front of me, it was pretty good.

He alternated between doing a song and then playing video clips of mock interviews, clips from tv shows etc that referred to him.  While the clips were on he'd be getting changed into a different outfit for the next song.  A lot of different outfits!  He did many of the most popular songs, eg Fat, Eat It, Amish Paradise, eBay, and The Saga Begins as part of the encore, with plenty of audience participation :)  and plenty of songs I didn't know too.

So that was all good.

Afterwards the sweetie was trying to see if he could get a tshirt, but didn't know if they had any in his size.  So he hung around at the back of the queue to check.  Which meant we were still there very late, almost the last to leave.  Which meant that when somebody mentioned a signing, we thought we'd wait and see... and sure enough - he came out!!  Very squee!!  So got a heap of photos, and even got an autograph on the CD I'd just bought.  !!

Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
Weird Al Yankovic in Canberra
And I got to shake his hand too - w00t!! :):)
Very cool :)

Outside just missed the moon setting..


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