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24 (series 2) only has four hours to go and it keeps getting better. It was all rather silly up until the bomb went off, but since then it's gotten really good.

Apparently there is an Amazing Race series 4.. I wonder if we'll get that also.

The funniest thing of my weekend was this website: http://www.zug.com. It had me ROTFL. The office and computer pranks were the funniest, but some of the others were fantastic also.

Also got to catch up with my uncle who lives in Melbourne which was good. Haven't seen him in ages.


CC said:

I actually missed the episode that the bomb actually exploded in! =(

It is getting good though!

June 9, 2003 9:46 PM


kazza said:

And two full episodes in a row without Kim in them! woohooo!!!
Kim's thread annoyed me the whole way through both series, it's nice having a break from her ;)

June 9, 2003 10:39 PM


Dave said:

Is it just me or it 24 just another Yank's save the world movie. You don't see us Canadians trying to take on the world do you! What's all that aboot?

June 10, 2003 10:10 AM


kazza said:

yeah well you get that ;)

I want "the Mole"!

June 10, 2003 11:12 PM


CC said:

I was just going to point out that the daughter thread has disappeared! She thinks he's already dead, right?

June 10, 2003 11:39 PM


kazza said:

she though he was dead, but she eventually got onto CTU and they told her he was alive

June 11, 2003 11:54 PM


steven said:

seems like kim attracts trouble ... tv i guess...
was good up until the bomb exploded, then it got unbelievable, i enjoyed the series, but im not going to watch the next one.

July 31, 2003 2:31 AM


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