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I never realised how much contact the outside of the middle knuckle of the the middle finger gets with the world. Until I scraped it while cleaning the office yesterday and have been knocking it on things ever since. ouch.

Spent a decent chunk of today stressing over the air conditioning, or lack thereof, in the server room. A part needs replacing, but of course they don't have any in stock, so we have to wait. So we hire a portable from Kennards, which only works intermittently. So they swap it. Then there's the problem of where to vent the air, when it's a sealed room with no access to the outside. It all becomes too much. 10 hour day today with no sign of letup tomorrow.

/me goes off to collapse into bed.


JC said:

Huh... I would expect the company to have a service contract with the HVAC man. That's the way it happens round these parts with "mission critical data", and the HVAC man keeps a fair number of parts available to him on his trucks on in his shop, especially if it's a hard to find part.

Now just for the record, my dealings with server rooms include a mortgage giant, a large government contractor, and others with the mega bucks, I don't know what size shop you work for, so in fact, I could be talking out of my ass.

January 22, 2004 2:04 PM


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