My dependancies are circular

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My brain is starting to melt down at the moment, because all the things I need to get done are all dependant on each other, such that I don't know where to start. For example, I don't really have the time in one afternoon to find homes for all the crap I need to put away. So I pick somewhere to start, like putting away to boxes of Christmas decorations. But to do that I need to take down the fairy lights. To do that I need to clear space on the floor. But that will take more than an afternoon to do.

I also need to do a water change and move my black angels. But to do that I need to clear space in front of the fish tank. But to do that I need to spend a day or two putting away all the crap that's lying around the floor getting in the way. argghhh!

I think I'm just going to have to start piling everything up so that at least it doesn't cover my entire floor, then I will have the space for my brain to be able to cope with sorting everything out.

I went to a "Creative Memories" party last night.. kinda like a tupperware party for photos. Basically it's so they can sell their albums and other bits and pieces. It was $10 though which kinda sucked, since I really didn't get anything out of it except for a bit of useful information. Like, for photo albums, not only should the paper you mount your photos on be acid free, but it should also be lignin free and buffered. And if you're using plastic pockets, they should be PVC-free. Was that worth $10? No, since I'm sure I could have found that out on the web. We did make up some pages with photos on them that could ultimately be used in one of their albums, but since I don't even take ordinary photos anymore (I haven't developed a roll of film in 5 years), and the old photos I do have I just want to scan so that I can look at them on the computer, then there's not really a lot of point. I'm not going to spend hours creating individual pages with a few photos on them, it'd take me *decades* to go through all my old photos doing that. It's going to take me long enough to rescan everything as it is (I scanned many of my photos several years ago, but only at 100dpi, which makes for tiny photos on screen).

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