I just spent two hours with possibly the greatest love of my life

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David Bowie

Needless to say, I didn't want it end. I actually cried. It was a very emotional experience for me. It was a night I've been waiting 14 years for. What must truly be a once-in-a-lifetime event for me.

The night began with me heading over to Sami and Cathy's place, where we then drove to Rozelle Bay to catch the light rail into Haymarket. A quick bite of food to eat and then we headed into the Entertainment Center. At 7:30, "Something for Kate" came on. They weren't bad, but it was very noisy and I only knew a couple of their songs. They finished around 8:15.

Forty-five minutes of stage rearranging later and finally the moment I've been waiting half my life for - David Bowie entered the room. Of course the crowd went wild and my ear drums got another pumelling :) He launched straight into Rebel Rebel, one of my favourite songs of his. Then a couple of tracks off Reality, Fame, a whole lot more songs I know only vaguely, if at all. Still, there was a sprinkling of the old classics throughout the show - The Man Who Sold the World, China Girl, Life on Mars (I started to cry at this point), Under Pressure, White Light White Heat (I haven't heard that song in *ages*!!), Ashes to Ashes, Heroes, All the Young Dudes.

David Bowie

The show finished with a bang - Suffragette City (another of my all time favourites), and Ziggy Stardust.. "... Ziggy played .. guitaararrr" and then he was gone.

At 10:00 I realised that half the show had gone and that I didn't want it to end in a mere hour. This was a man who occupied my thoughts for much of my waking life for almost two years. And here I was in the same room as him. Looking at him in the flesh, albeit at a distance. I will probably never see him again. He's just turned 57 for heavens sake, he's hardly going to be galavanting around the world for much longer, certainly not on a grand concert scale.

The production was certainly a lot simpler than previous productions (cf Glass Spider). No set changes, no costume changes, quite a simple light show, and very little theatrics. Just the band and the music really. Obviously a very "lean" production to make it quite a bit easier to get around.

And how oh how is one able to get a front row seat, where you can stand up, put your hand up, and be touched by rock royalty? If only I knew..


Major Tom said:

Il est trop beau cet homme!!! LOngue vie � David!!! Daviiid forever!!! :-P

July 14, 2004 5:13 AM


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