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So everyone in the US raves about Lost. But, like Desperate Housewives, it's suspense is just too drawn out. Big whoop-die-doo, there's a big mystery, but we have to watch the *entire season* to find out what it is. Booooorrrring!

Give me The Amazing Race any day, I *love* that show. Even though I know the outcome of this season, I love watching the cool locations and cool activities and wishing that bastard Jonathon would get elimanted already! heh


Dave2 said:

The big mystery in Lost is not why I watch the show (but it is fun to speculate). The reason I watch it is for the brilliant writing, as we start to learn everybody's stories (and secrets). Locke has been my favorite so far, but the recent Hurley episode was equally brilliant.

Desperate Housewives is much the same. The big mystery is a nice thread, but the stuff the come up with in each episode is hugely entertaining enough to keep me watching.

March 18, 2005 1:49 AM


kazza said:

Yah at least Lost is more interesting than Desperate Housewives. DW is just schlock. Lost is just a bit too slow for me..

March 18, 2005 6:34 PM


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