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FQ1: Something green you like to eat...
Green? Like to eat? In the same sentence? How about green smarties? Mint Lindt? (although they're not green, but the wrappers are) :) Oh all right, a *real* green food I like to eat would probably be peas

FQ2: Something green you like to wear...
I have a couple of green t-shirts. I'm actually wearing one of them now. And if I'd thought of it yesterday (and it wasn't so damned dark when I'm getting up at the moment) I would have worn one then.

FQ3: Something green you like to look at...
Maybe my fish tanks. The tetra tank is a pretty good green jungle. But all plants are good.

FQ GALLERY: Post a photo you took (or an illustration you made) of something green...
Just one?? .. goes off to search through the archives ..
Well this is the first one that stood out while going backwards through the recent collection.. it's a Fisher Price car and dude.


Addendum. Space lego isn't green. But here's the hat off my maxi-minifig, and one of Josh's bionicles..

green-minifighat.jpg green-bionicle.jpg


Dave2 said:

FISCHER PRICE VILLAGE PEOPLE! Awwww... I remember big fun with those. If I remember correctly, the car and jack are part of the 3-story garage set?

March 23, 2005 10:48 AM


kazza said:

yup!! My brother got it for Christmas when he was like three, and recently gave it to his fiancee's son, which was why it was out, so I decided to photo-document it.

March 23, 2005 10:58 AM


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