Not so creative storage solutions

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I bought a filing cabinet today. My current system of several expandable files was just not working. It was ok for the archives, but stuff I was adding was just overfilling some pockets, and they weren't stackable, and it was a disaster. So I bit the bullet and went out and bought a three draw filing cabinet. I expect to only fill a drawer and a half or so to begin with, but I got one with full sided drawers, so I could always use the third to put *stuff* in. But more likely I'll fill it with stuff that's currently in folders all around the place.

So I started to make some pretty colour coded lables for the folders, going through the expanding files and noting down the name of each pocket.

Now in case you don't know, I'm the sort of person that keeps *everything*. Especially if it's semi official. But tonight I threw something out.


My Austudy payment slips from when I was a student. Something piddly like $20 a fortnight for three months when I turned 18 til the end of year 12, then $275 a fortnight for three months from when turned 22 til the end of uni. Well we only have to keep financial records for 7 years, and it's been more than that, and I really don't have any sentimental attachment to them... hehe .. now if I could just do the same with the commonwealth bank account I had when I was a kid...

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