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SpectreTonight we used some Dendy vouchers (that I think I won in the mother's day raffle earlier this year and forgotten about them until last week) to go see Spectre.

As you'd expect from a James Bond movie, it's full of action and great locations and car chases (and all sorts of other chases) and (apparently) the biggest explosion in movie history.

And a lot of it had the *feel* of some of the old James Bond movies.

I rather enjoyed it :)

One thing that did annoy me (and this is just nit-picking) - streets empty of cars!  And the scene at the end would *not* have had a big empty space like that.  Just no.

But aside from that.

Great :)

Other than that.  Today we had a vendor thing which also included a couple of hours of Go-Karting!  We all had three races each, plus a finals race (one for the slow group and one for the fast group).  So much fun!  I came last in the first race, then I think second-last in the second and third-last in the third (or something).  Which really makes no sense, on account of I never managed to actually overtake anyone - I'm way too slow for that!  Good times.  But my everything hurts - and will hurt a lot more tomorrow!  I have to say the experience at PowerKart at Griffith was quite a bit better than at Queanbeyan where we went last time.  The seats were better (and they had booster seats for little people!) And they adjusted the pedals for me as well.  So it was a lot more comfortable this time around. 

One year ago today I went for a walk to the Regent Hotel to see where they filmed the opening scenes of Lucy, and then we began the long trek home to Canberra.

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