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Prometheus So we went along to see Prometheus tonight.

For the most part I liked it.


Except for feeling tense the whole way through because you just *know* that everyone is going to die heh.

And there's a few things I had to go look up to figure out what they were about.

Like the opening scene.  Some guy swallows black goop and dies.  What the?  OK so reading online it seems that that is the way they create life on a planet, by having the black goo mix with the humanoid DNA and go off and do its thing.  Or some such thing.  

Or David infecting Holloway and trying to get Shaw pregnant with the alien.  Why??  Getting too late to find a definitive answer on this.

As others have said, David is the best character in the movie, especially his channelling of Lawrence of Arabia :)

I just watched the video Dave2 linked to.. it has plenty of other questions!


Other than that.. my day started with me starting to work on something that really hasn't moved since I left it before I went away.  I got to work on it for about ten minutes before the interruptions started.  They didn't stop all day.  Doh!

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