It Sucked, and then I Cried

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Last night I finished reading Heather of Dooce's book "It Sucked and then I Cried".  

It was pretty good, although not really as good as I was expecting.  It didn't have much of a story to it, it was more just a collection of small stories/anecdotes.  Which wasn't a bad thing as such.  But I suppose after reading The Daily Coyote just wasn't what I expected.  

I suppose one thing that I was expecting was more of an account of her depression.  But it kinda skipped over it somewhat and you don't really get a sense of the depths of her despair.  You know it's there, but just don't *feel* it.  

But it was kinda cool to read some of the background to the stuff I started reading on the blog only some years later (thanks to Chay who introduced me).

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