The Great Eudora Corrupt Inbox Fiasco of 2012

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Around maybe the 25th of August I was trying to manage some of the mail in my Eudora inbox - I wanted to move some of it to another folder.  So I selected a few and dragged them to another folder.  Like I do regularly.  Except this day my computer had a hiccough, and those mails got corrupted.  The mails that I wanted to move were from around the 13-14th August.  And it looked like those mails had gotten corrupted.  But what I didn't realise at the time was that the *entire* inbox had been corrupted dated around the 16th.

So the backup I'd done on the 21st August (to disk 1) would have had a corrupt inbox.

What I didn't realise was that the backup I'd done on 7 August (to disk 2) would have had a good copy.  I didn't know this when I ran a backup over the top on 4th September.

So come yesterday when I realised what had happened, and suddenly I realise my last two backups have a corrupted inbox :(:(:(

Fortunately I had a third backup, one that doesn't come into circulation very often, dated 4th July.  The problem with that backup, is that it was now so old that mail was no longer on the server for a few weeks in July (mail is only set to stay on the server for 60 days).  But, it was better than nothing.  So I brought that home tonight and tried to piece everything back together.  My cPanel mail is a bit of a pain though, it wouldn't let me just download the mail again in another copy of Eudora.  It seems that once they've been downloaded once, it refuses to download them again.  In the end I copied them to another cPanel mailbox using Horde webmail, and downloaded them again that way.

So then it was piecing together the various backups and redownloaded mailboxes, without getting too may duplicates floating around.

I had a look through the corrupted mailboxes text files, but they only have content in them from 16th August onwards :(

All up I probably only lost about half a dozen mails that I care about.  My inbox you see is my personal mail address, so the majority of other mail (dealing with companies) gets filtered automatically at download.  So there wasn't a huge amount in the missing days.  And I can tell from the TOC what the mails are and who they're from.  

Lessons learnt:
* multiple backups are a Good Thing!!
* keeping mail on the server for a decent chunk of time before deleting it is a Good Thing!!
* manage Eudora mailboxes more regularly - they're more prone to errors when they get big

And now I prepare to weather the storm of stoopid comments telling me I should use a better mail client or a mac with time machine, or I should keep all my mail in the cloud, or some such other nonsense.  Because nothing bad could ever happen in any of those scenarios, could it?


Aquila said:

Stoopid comment about getting another better mail client, like Thunderbird or Lotus Notes or GMail.

September 18, 2012 8:04 AM


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