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John Williams

My favouritest ever composer is John Williams. Totally love the guy. Of course every so often I have to check IMDB to make sure he hasn't died or anything (he's nearly 76 after all). As much as I love his music, I have to admit it all does sound the same. Well aside from the main themes that is. The background music blurs together and you listen to it hearing bits of other movies. Like I'm listening to Episode I and can totally hear Harry Potter in there. Other soundtracks have bits that totally sound like Superman. etc.

I was just annoyed that he only did the first three Harry Potter movies before doing other things. And did you know that he's done every Steven Spielberg movie except Duel and The Colour Purple?

Long live John Williams!


Fiona said:

And you really scaered me then because I read John Williamson... and nearly cried.

December 21, 2007 9:27 AM


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