If I had words

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How is this for a really sweet song:

If I had words
To make a day for you
I'd sing you a morning golden and new
I would make this day
Last for all time
Give you a night
Deep in moonshine

I recently ripped my Babe soundtrack cd and this morning I sent the song to Stu. To which he responds: "the original tune comes from Saint Sean's Symphony No. 3" .. and I'm like "it does?!?" I had no idea! I assumed it was written for the movie. That boy never ceases to amaze me :) He then proceeded to find me some better variations on it, and promised to play me the whole thing one day, or even better see it live in concert. And then he likened that part of the symphony to a musical orgasm and I tell you I'll never watch Babe in the same way again :)

And speaking of songs I'll forever associate with him.. the other night I put on "Where were you, 1988" before I went to bed, something I really rarely do. And the song "Perfect" by Fairground Attraction was one of the songs on it. Now when we went to World Expo 88 in Brisbane, I had a walkman that I was listening to the radio on in the car the whole way up and back, and while there as well. And two songs really stuck with me from that trip - "Perfect", and "You'd Better be Home Soon" by Crowded House. As I had to change radio stations every so often on the trip up, I heard those songs over and over again on the different stations. So whenever I hear them now, I think of that trip to Queensland. Well the other night when I heard it, I made the association with Queensland as usual, but my association with Queensland nowadays is all about Stu, so as I lay in bed listening to it a new association developed. This was cemented today by Aurelius saying how he liked the chick in the band (which, as it turns out, was actually false, but too late now the damage is done ;) ).

What else. Well Crossfire sent me a link today that totally spun me out. Turns out he knows one of the guys in my office, and this guy has had a blog for three years. He posted me the link to his description of the BitComet bust we made the other day. So then I read a decent chunk of the rest of the blog. Will finish it soon. Problem is, it's a livejournal, which don't have rss feeds as far as I know, and I'm hopeless at keeping up with those (CC, JC, this means you as well ;) ). But then I vaguely worried if Crossfire knew about my blog (he probably does) and may in turn send Jake my blog, which could be a bit scary :)

I had plans to do some overtime today to get our new website a bit closer to a Monday release. But I spent most of the middle of the day talking to Stu, and half the afternoon talking to Aurelius, and suddenly it's 4:20pm and I haven't even started yet. Oops. :) And I need to do some water changes and the filters everywhere keep dying (two filters and an airpump have all gone this week). Gonna have to make a pilgrimage to Strictly Aquariums to get some more.

Then tonight it's the dilema of what movie(s) to watch. On 9 there's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (perhaps not a good idea to watch if I'm gonna see the Tim Burton version), and Ransom (Gary Sinise is *brilliant* in this movie, much drooling to be had). And on 10 there's Star Wars. But I also thought it would be nice to watch Babe. Or I could just not watch anything and get some overtime in.

And so that's Saturday in the life of Kaz. :)
Oh yes, and I just remembered, I *finally* finished Rising Sun - it only took seven months!


lena said:

i want the notes to play it~
i no it startts with.. e d e c e g a

November 19, 2006 11:33 AM


Mary Owens said:

Hi there...

I realize that this particular blog is more than a year old, but I've only just discovered this song and am trying to find a good version of it, myself.

You mentioned that your friend Stu had found you some "better variations" on it. I was curious as to the name(s) of the artists who did those variations. As I recall, there is a man who sings the song who has an Irish sound to his voice, deep but not baritone or basso. Can you help me??

I'm trying like heck to find it on my music program of choice, but cannot find the version I want.

I thank you for her consideration.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Owens, RN
Southeastern IL, US

November 25, 2006 2:59 AM


kazza said:

Since writing that post I found Camille Saint-Saen's Symphony No. 3 on cd on ebay. This is the original symphony that the grab from Babe was taken from. I don't know where Stu found them - somewhere on the net. The piece is from the maestoso part of the symphony so you can search on that I guess.

November 25, 2006 2:26 PM


Dom said:

Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for posting info about this song and the st sean's info. I'm figuring it out on the guitar and it's fun to know more about it. Take it easy.

February 22, 2007 5:05 PM


Heather said:

The original tune is actually and Ave Maria by the Renaissance composer Jacob Arcadelt. You can see the original music for SATB choir at JW Pepper.

March 15, 2007 10:16 AM


jake said:

Hey, i have been looking for this song all night. :D

heather- i think that ave maria by Jacob Arcadelt is REALLY close, but not quite the same thing. But, it's really good and i wanted to say thanks to pointing to it!

jake dot farr at gmail dot com

May 11, 2007 2:23 PM


jake said:

also: http://www.mfiles.co.uk/sheet-music-classical.htm

That has the sheet music and an MP3 of it.

And i don't know how kosher this is, but this person has posted the MP3s from the sound track:

They're about 3/4 of the way down.

May 11, 2007 2:47 PM


Daniel Hedin said:

If I had words To make a day for you-

I'd give you a morning Golden and true

I'd make this day

Last for a-ll time

And give you a night deep in mo-onshine

(I spent a while looking for this, found this entry, and decided to make it easier for anyone else looking for these. I'm doing this on Pennywhistle in D btw)

April 9, 2010 4:18 AM


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