PIII 866

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I just turned off my Pentium III, 866 computer.  

It was my third computer.  The first being a 486 I bought off Luc in 1995, and the second being a Pentium 166 in 1996.

It was over eleven years old.  I got it around 2001 - a gift from CIA for all the unpaid work I used to do for them.  It served as my main computer for around five years, before getting another work computer before I left Sydney.  I used it as a backup repository for a while.  When I moved to Canberra I think it was off for a while, but got pressed into service for several years as our Skype phone server, and in its last months a print server when the JetDirect card died and a parallel port was needed.

So it had a pretty good life.  I'll probably keep it for a while, because it still works after all!


Tony said:

Must be the weekend for IT cleanups...I took threee computers to the recycling centre, ranging from a 386, to a P4, and a 13" CRT. All were working, but had been sitting in the shed gathering dust and taking up space!

Then I went and bought a kayak :)

November 18, 2012 6:25 AM


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