Another Cousin Married

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Went to another cousin's wedding today. Quite a nice day really, even if it did take up the entire afternoon and night :)

Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, but at leat was partly in English (I remember going to these things as a kid and the entire services were in Greek). Followed by photos in Banjo Patterson park. With the reception at Ryde ex services club.

Caught up with the various uncles/cousins. Drank wine. Ate lots. Danced.

The music wasn't entirely Greek for a change which was kinda nice heh. Still too much deafening treble tho.

They also had some "traditional" dances that my parents *knew* .. it was really scary. They probably haven't danced these dances in over thirty years and yet they were dancing along as if no time had ever passed. We just grew up in the wrong generation for that sort of thing. No such thing as "dances" where there are specific dances you can learn.

I was just content to bounce along to the techno Greek music heh :)

I'll upload a piccie tomorrow or something.

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