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Yeah yeah I know, I've ranted about it before, we're metric here so I really should be using kilojoule's. But hey.

So I've been looking at my calorie intake. Trying to figure out ways to cut it down without changing anything too drastically and sending me into unsustainable shock :) And trying to think up things I could do for smaller lunches (when I love warm food and would rather eat that than a salad any day). But one thing I did decide I could try is to cut my orange juice intake. I drink probably ~400 calories a day in OJ alone!! That's flipping ridiculous. So I'm going to try and cut back a bit and just drink water at lunches for a start and then dinners (with vitamin c tablets instead). We'll see how we go...


yvonne said:


January 12, 2007 2:16 PM


Brooke said:

Good luck Kazza. It's amazing how many calories are in juice hey? Kind of annoying since it's meant to be healthy!

Another thing that is high in calories and fairly easy to gradually cut down is butter/margarine and oil in cooking. I'm working on that myself actually :o)

Hope it all goes well!


January 12, 2007 6:50 PM


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