3 down, 19 to go

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I accidently let the cat out of the bag about my domain name to John today. Have decided I should do what I've been meaning to do for a while now - censor my blog. That is, remove stuff that makes people (including myself) too easy to identify, and perhaps some of my more embarrassing or heated comments. Not that I'd mind if people like John/Luc/George actually read this.. really the only person I'd rather not have read it is my mother. So I've been through 3 months of entries, and have 19 to go.

Today was a much more civilised temperature. In fact it was just about the most perfect you can get. Warm, with a fresh breeze. Not too hot or humid. It was great. Got home and opened every single window in the place to get rid of some of the heat pent up in the past three days.

There was a video night at Striker's tonight, but after finding out what movies were on offer, I decided not to go. It's rather a long way to go by yourself if you don't want to watch any of the movies. So just catching up on stuff instead. Will prolly go to bed soon!

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