Morks, Florey

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Went to Morks in Florey tonight with Tony, Heather and Jess.  Sooo good but omigosh am I full now!!

Before entree they brought out one of these each - papadum with lettuce and satay sauce - yum!!
Morks, Florey
Angel prawns
Morks, Florey
Pork balls
Morks, Florey
I had "Duck" - Duck Maryland, slow cooked in spices then fried, red curry sauce, lychee and tomatoes, crispy rice cakes, crisped basil leaves.
This dish was fantastic - great duck, those rice cakes were amazing, and the deep fried basil leaves - translucent and chewy and all kinds of awesome.
Morks, Florey
They also brought us out a little scoop of lychee gelato, which was just nice, because we were all too full for dessert, but this was a lovely finish.
Morks, Florey
The place was totally booked out - you have to reserve a table days in advance.  Would definitely go back!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) said:

lychee gelato sound delicious!!!

March 31, 2012 2:46 AM


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