King Kong

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We watched the 1933 version of King Kong tonight.  It was.. er.. interesting.. hehe.  The stop-motion gorilla looks a bit tragic in this day and age, but I imagine in 1933 it would have been amazing.  And we couldn't believe how violent it was - not that you see blood and guts, but you do see bodies being thrown around/squished etc.  And having her being stripped? How'd they get away with that? hehe

We still have the Peter Jackson we taped months ago that we haven't watched yet.. must do that some time..

(and of course now I have "Science Fiction Double Feature" stuck in my head .. grrrr!! ;)


Kevin Spencer said:

I haven't watched the Peter Jackson King Kong all the way through. I've seen bits of it and what I have seen was really good. I'll have to add that movie to my netflix queue.

June 29, 2008 5:17 AM


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