Whoops, it's Saturday

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Choosing not to do the Friday Q this week. Actually it hasn't been updated (Dave I know you're in Ireland, but *you* did yours :) ). It's all about criminal activities which I have no interest in. It's bad enough dealing with companies like ebay that support criminal low lifes.



Dave2 said:

Ah, but it WAS updated. I think that my hosting company must have restored from a backup or something, as I have no idea how it turned up missing. :-(

July 31, 2004 3:39 AM


Sherry said:

Hi. I found your blog looking up pictures of bettas. I just got one this past weekend. He's a keeper!

Anyhoo, I read a little bit of your blog and enjoyed your humor. I am also a Christian, am 26 and single. I don't think anything's wrong with me...yet...but if this keeps up, I might.
Feel free to drop by my blog anytime.

Have a great day!


August 4, 2005 3:23 AM


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