I might not have ever existed..

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In February 1968 my Mum flew on this little plane to Tasmania for a holiday with a group of friends, travelling around Youth Hostels on the island.

This photo was taken by her in Launceston.

VH-RMQ in Launceston

Ten months later the wing broke off due to metal fatigue caused by a maintenance error and it crashed near Port Headland killing all aboard.

That metal crack had been forming for several years.  My Mum could just as easily have been killed in a crash on that plane!

Quite a sobering moment really...


Sylvia Johnson said:

Wow I had no idea that I could have been in danger.
I remember the trip around Tassie with YHA but I'd forgotten that we had flown to Launceston. I thought we went to Melbourne by train and then ferry across to Devonport, toured around in hire cars and came back to Sydney by ship. But as it was 50 years ago, anything could have happened.

July 25, 2019 9:46 PM


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