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The Sound of Music

Watching my first ever Director's Commentary - of "The Sound of Music". It's quite interesting; a very cool movie too - one of those classics you just watch every time it's on TV - or I do anyway ;) I've actually been surprised how many details and little things and stuff happening in the background that you don't notice with all the sound/speech going. You can look at the other cast members that aren't normally in the spotlight or doing the talking and see what they're doing when the camera isn't directly on them. I should watch more movies without the sound more often!

Today was significantly better than yesterday. Helped along by finally getting a working DLT drive. Looks like it really was a terminator problem with the replacement drive *sigh* Plus it was Friday, which is always nice :)

Going to the exchange tonight to replace the faulty disk in gamera. It should either all go quite quickly and the array should rebuild itself, or the whole raid setup will crash and burn and I'll be reinstalling windows and recovering from backups late into the night. Next post you'll know one way or the other :)

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