I, Robot

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I, Robot

I just saw I, Robot. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it was a little predictable.

Went with Sami, he rearranged his social life and could make it. It was a 6:00 "arrival" so that's when we got there, and wandered in with the rest of the crowd down the red carpet - very exciting, never done that before! :) Media and fans everywhere, not to mention rain! hehe Of course all the fans were waiting for Will Smith, and there was a stage setup where Will was going to perform a few songs. But us, we wandered down the red carpet and before we knew it we were in the cinema already. They had the screen setup to show the action outside though, so we got to watch the whole proceedings from inside, out of the rain! We actually saw Paul Mercurio arriving on the screen. Then Will arrived and took him about half an hour to make it down the red carpet, before he got changed out of his fancy suit into rapper gear and did his songs. When that was finished the people that had braved the rain outside joined the rest of us.

We were a group of mostly competition winners by the sounds of it. The people next to us won it from their newspaper in South Australia. The press and celebrities must have been in another cinema.

Someone that had just come in said that Will was waiting outside and was going to come in. First I think it was the producer came in and introduced the film and Will Smith, which was very cool. He just said how much fun the movie was to make and a few other things that I didn't really pay much attention to because I was trying to get a photo. I took my old camera cause it was easier to hide than my big beast, but in the end I needn't have worried, and I should definitely have used my flash, as other people were taking photos of him and didn't get stopped. So alas, none of my photos turned out, but you get that.

The movie itself was highly entertaining. If you liked Minority Report you'd probably like this too.

Thanks TripleM for the freebies, good to know being a Freq was finally worth it :)


CC said:

Did you tape 24 as well?

July 19, 2004 11:52 PM


kazza said:

yep, so don't tell me how it ends! :)

July 20, 2004 2:50 PM


CC said:

Ok. But after you watch it, can you please tell me what is said in the last 2 min, cos my dad was rustling the newspaper so I didn't catch what was said! =(

July 20, 2004 5:06 PM


CC said:

BTW, my colleague was at the premier last night too! You might have been rubbing shoulders with her and you didn't know it!!

July 20, 2004 5:07 PM


Dave said:

How's at the end when Will and the Robot turn out to be gay.... Didn't see that one coming, did you?

July 20, 2004 5:49 PM


kazza said:

hehe cool :)

Which bit did you miss? Aside from the President telling Jack he'll be standing down at the end of his term and Jack telling Kim she'll be fine with Chase etc, he goes out and cries in the car, then someone from district says they want him to come in so they can interrogate Saunders courier. That's what it sounded like anyway.

July 20, 2004 9:38 PM


CC said:

Oh, that's the bit I missed - where the guy asked Jack to go. I only heard it had something to do with Saunders, but I didn't know what. Because I missed that part, I thought he was crying because he knew he was about to go off somewhere where he'd definitely be killed or something.


July 20, 2004 10:04 PM


kazza said:

nah he was just crying cause he'd had a really bad day :) Then someone called him to go back to work.

July 20, 2004 10:09 PM


CC said:

The poor guy.

July 20, 2004 10:44 PM


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