The things you see when driving

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Sometimes there's stuff you see when you're driving that you just can't capture (usually with a photograph).

Like coming back from Queensland last week. We were driving up that mountain pass near the border on the New England Highway and the clouds were still hanging over them and it was just beautiful. One conical mountain had cloud around it but only on one side, and it looked exactly like a volcano with smoke pouring out. Way cool.

Or today driving down the Hume and passing this truck. It was just an ordinary truck. It had a bunch of those tie down straps keeping the covering taut, and the ends of all the tapes were fluttering in the air in a merry little dance and somehow the beauty of it hit me. I can't explain the effect it had on me. It was really weird. I almost burst into tears heh. It kinda reminded me of that post of Dave's when he saw a statue of a cow I think it was in Berlin (I'd look it up but I'm on the BlackBerry). Just the insane beauty you can see in ordinary stuff if you just look.

But anyway. A little nonsense there. In Canberra tonight. All of Stu's stuff got delivered. The fish tank appears to be in one piece. Staying at Scott and Kerry's tonight and will continue the unpacking process tomorrow.

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