Then there was the time my mother cheered

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So I was reading this tonight.  And for some reason it reminded me of the time I scored a goal in summer hockey.

You see I played hockey from about year 10 and all through uni until I started work at OzEmail in 1996.  I used to play a half in hockey (I used to be fit - who knew?) so I was never really in the position to score goals.  Some of that time I played summer hockey for a couple of summers.  It was much like indoor soccer - on a quarter of the field, and sideways.  And there was this one time at summer hockey I managed to score a goal.  And my mum was there.  And she epic cheered.

It was pretty cool :)


Fiona said:

Awesome memory :) :)

May 24, 2015 12:26 PM


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