I have no hope

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I seriously have no hope of ever clearing out my clutter. I thought I'd chuck out some old computer stuff that I never use. I got as far as a set of four HP-UX manuals that my dad brought home from work when I was in first year uni so that I could learn how to use unix and vi for my first year maths subject. I haven't looked at these books in ten years, however when I looked at them tonight I basically flicked through the entire vi book to see if there were any other useful commands I could learn that I haven't picked up over the years. I found a couple, but knew most of them. But I learnt vi from this book, and learnt all my basic unix stuff from one of the others, and I feel kinda bad about just throwing them out. I truly have no hope!


CC said:

LOL! I have the same problem with clutter! I've kept way too much stuff over the years and feel bad about throwing stuff out. I have no hope either! =(

September 30, 2003 9:53 PM


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