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Just watched the last two episodes of Nip Tuck, and was practically rolling around in laughter over a couple of scenes in the final episode. I haven't laughed that much over a tv show in ages. I know it's a trashy soap opera, but it's somehow compelling, and I found myself rather enjoying it.

I've also started collecting lego for making mosaics. Guy told me of a K-Mart that has the blue lego tubs, so I'm going to trek out tomorrow and see if there's any left. But I want more 1x1 bricks, and bricks of different colours, like brown, grey, tan, orange, purple and more green, so I've started buying lots of it off ebay.

Martial Air (the outsource company I couldn't think of the name of the other day) came out this afternoon after I'd left. Apparently it was not a compressor as first thought, but in fact a capacitor. So our air conditioner was out of action for a full week, we spent hundreds of dollars on portables, not to mention the cost of having the building air conditioning running all weekend, by something relatively simple. Needless to say my boss was not impressed and will be voicing his concerns with Mitsubishi.


JC said:

Oh wow! Man that sucks! If a motor with a capacitor on it won't run, that is definetly one of the things you check, for an open or shorted capacitor. (The cap 'holds' power to allow the motor to start up under a heavier load than what it really ought to drive. HVAC equipment use them all the time to use a smaller (and cheaper) motor in the equipment.)

January 28, 2004 9:13 AM


kazza said:

Riighhhttt... I guess that means something to you cause it don't mean nothing to me.. ;)

January 28, 2004 9:42 PM


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