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Before reading The Daily Coyote (and last night after) I'd been reading Roald Dahl before bed.  

The BFG I'd had read to me when I was in primary school.  During our library classes from week to week we had the story read to us.  I actually didn't remember that much about it.  Rereading it as a grown up, it wasn't too bad a story.

The Witches, I could have sworn I'd read, but after reading it I'm thinking not.  Must see the movie!  Also a pretty decent story.

The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me, I'd never read before, was quite short and easy to read and obviously for younger readers.  

Up to Matilda now, which I'm pretty sure I've read and have definitely seen the movie a couple of times.  I remember the movie these days but will be good to read the book again.

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