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So I bricked my phone last week.  

For some months my phone battery has been having *issues*.  Mostly turning off when it still had reported charge left on the battery.  You'd connect it to power and it would instantly come back with like 30% or 40% or even the nearly 100% one time.  Alternatively it would drop right down to 1% and then stay there for hours.

So last week it had been at 1% for hours then finally died.  But when I plugged it in, it didn't come good.  It just sat there saying the battery was flat.

iPhone flat battery

I left it charging overnight, but sadly in the morning it was doing just that, and wouldn't turn on.

Uh oh.

So I thought I'd bite the bullet and get a new battery for it that day.  Except I needed the phone in the morning for work.  So I tried doing what I'd seen suggested in various places on the internet - warm the battery up.  I stuck the phone behind a storage unit power supply and left it warming up for five minutes.  Plugged it in and it worked!  Turned on with 82% battery.  Go fricken figure.  

It did the same thing twice more last week and I was able to resurrect it, but it's clearly time to either 1) get a new battery or 2) get a new phone.

Getting a new battery is certainly cheaper - @CLBradley recently got a new one for his daughter's phone for $55 and it's been fine ever since.  But I have been struggling for a while with this phone.  It's been *full* in forever, and I have constantly delete photos to clear space.  I certainly don't have room for music.  Also it's struggled ever since going from IOS 6 to IOS 9.  It's just laggy and annoying and a better processor would be a plus.  There's also the dilemma of whether to buy it outright or get locked into a contract.  I've been complaining about Optus' crappy service for years, but at least it only costs me $30/month for 1.5GB data (which I only use about half of that a month) *and* I get a second sim (actually you can have up to 5 sims on one plan) for nothing.

So in the end I decided a new phone would be in order.  The old one is nearly four years old after all.

But now for the next dilemma.  What to get.

For ages I was never interested in the 6 because they were so much bigger.  Being a girl I get jeans with completely useless girly pockets which are barely big enough to hold the current phone.  Anything bigger just wouldn't fit in my pockets.  Then Apple brought out the 6 SE which was the same size as my current phone.  So if I was going to get a new phone, that was likely what I'd get.  Even with the battery issues of cramming all that stuff into a smaller space with a smaller battery (so I heard).


The iPhone 7 is due out in the not too distant future.  I could try and hold out long enough for that.


I could wait all that time and find they don't have a small version anyway.  So I'd have waited all that time and then not been able to get what I wanted.

Although it could mean getting a 6 SE a bit cheaper..

It's all too hard, so I'll probably end up doing nothing except complaining about my phone dying all the time.


Aquila said:

You could always get a Samsung S7 😉

September 4, 2016 11:20 PM


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