I need Kazza (or Kazaa) in the title more often

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This blog used to rank number 4 in google on the search for "Kazza". The first mention of it now is not until the 90s :(

I'm sure I'd continue to rank higher if it weren't for the likes of Kazaa, but I'm using that here to my advantage. You see the more times I mention Kazza (and Kazaa) in a page, the higher it will rank in Google.

At least this is the theory.

According to my logs, search referrals from the term "kazza" numbered 1208 in March, and 1010 in the month of April. In May this dropped to 628. So obviously I'm not mentioning kazza enough :)

So for all of you lusers out there doing a search for Kazaa, that rather evil file sharing program, liable to infect your computer with trojans and spyware and the like, click here and push up my Google stats - go on, I dare you :)

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