New domain system launched

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This was in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 1 2002:

By Jenny Sinclair
July 1 2002

Today's launch of the new Australian domain system was a success, according to new registry operator AusRegistry.

But one of the eight new registrars was not selling names four hours after "go live" and most registrars - and AusRegistry itself - did not have a public who-is service for looking up the owners of Australian domain names for a large part of the day.

Managing director of sales and marketing for AusRegistry, Adrian Kinderis, said it was up to the registrars to activate their links to the whois function; he said it should not be preventing name sales because a whois is not a "name availability check".

AusRegistry's whois was working from 10 am, but at a Web address not linked from their public site. It was added to their site by 2pm. The personal namespace also got off to a slow start, with at least three of the new registrars not adding the option to their sites after the system was turned on at 10 am this morning.

Kinderis said several hundred names were sold by lunchtime; the first was ""

Even former sole registrar, Melbourne IT, which has heavily promoted, did not have the namespace as an option on its front page, although it was offered as "other .au".

In the first hour and half, "different registrars (were) finding problems .. because it's the first time they've entered a live environment," he said, but by 2pm the seven working registrars were not having any problems.

Kinderas said some registrars had not taken advantage of a short "live test" window on June 30 to iron out problems.

Most of the problems involved were with connecting to the AusRegistry system, he said.

West Australian registrar Connect West was not selling just after 2pm today, and Kinderis confirmed they were "not up" yet.

A table of registrar prices has been privately compiled by auDA board member Joshua Rowe at this site.


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