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And this was in the Sydney Morning Herald a few weeks later:

By Jenny Sinclair
August 6 2002

Australia's new domain naming system brought in a lot of firsts - the first truly personal domain name, the first of the new com.au names and the first "reserved" or offensive word allowed to be used in an Australian URL.

The first Australian personal domain name bought under the new system was not Smith or Jones, but the wonderfully Australian "Kazza". Sydney woman Karen Johnson, 28, bought kazza.id.au, in preference to karen.id.au, because Kazza is what her friends call her.

"I just though Kazza would be a good name to have," she says.

Johnson, who works in IT at the University of New South Wales, says she was talking to a friend at an ISP and made a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy a domain name. She didn't imagine it would be the first of its type to be issued.

Technically, id.au names have been available before, but they were only sold under sub-domains such as "wattle.id.au".

There isn't much at her site yet; Johnson, a confessed Internet addict, is considering moving her personal site there soon.

She also bought the name johnson.id.au. "I got that for my family," she says. "I can set my e-mail address for whoever I want, so I can have colin@johnson.id.au (for her uncle)."

The first page she's hosted under the johnson.id.au URL is a memorial site for her grandmother, Win Johnson, who died last month.

In Adelaide, Danen Lush, 28, was the proud owner of the first com.au name under the new system.

For her, the new system was little more than a delay; she'd applied for bodyjewels.com.au just as the naming system was suspended over the weekend before the changeover, and it was registered on July 1 when the system reopened.

Now, a month later, she's busily building inventory for her start-up business, an online shop. Lush is selling jewellery, both the conventional type and for attachment to body piercings - hence the name.

She plans to keep the business virtual, operating from home.

Western Australian domain-name speculator Brad Norrish, 23, began domain-name trading several years ago.

He is participating in auctions for some contested generic domain names that are being sold by auDA through online auction house stuff.com.au.

Last month he picked up what Internet industry watchers would consider to be a couple of bargains when he registered f--.com.au and music.com.au for less than $100 each, at retail prices.

Neither were put to auction.

He says this is a good result when the generic auction has seen some hefty premiums paid for some names.

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