First plants

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First plants
Thanks to Dingbat I now have a couple of little plants for my fish tank. They grow like weeds in his tanks, he says he's constantly pulling them out. Suited me, since I didn't have a thing growing in my tank til tonight (except maybe a few bacteria; even the algae hasn't taken off yet, probably because I haven't been running with the lights on).

Unfortunately I had to be a little bit brutal with them to try and get them to sit their roots under the gravel - I can't actually touch the bottom of my tank, even with my arm fully immersed :( So I had to shove them under with a ruler, and shift the gravel around them with the end of it.

Items on my fish tank shopping list now include:

* really long trigger-gripper things
* kambrook timer for the lights
* air stone and pump to create some nice looking bubbles and aerate the tank
* big bucket(s) for water changes
* some more plants

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