Loonnnnnnggggg Day

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What a day. Up at 8am to be at work at 9 (on a Saturday, *shudder*). At work til 6pm, then came home, had dinner and watched Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, then working remotely for another four hours. The outcome of all of this? A web server that's now running windoze 2000 instead of windoze NT 4.

Actually it all went fairly smoothly, except the backup to another local scsi disk took far longer than expected which put us behind schedule. The firmware upgrades to the bios and raid controller all worked perfectly, so no panic moments with a machine refusing to boot. The suckiest part was the mess Frontpage 2002 extensions makes of permissions and group definitions. I kind of object to having an application create half a dozen different user groups for each virtual website. Sure maybe it makes assigning permissions more efficient, but not when we're used to doing it the way have been, all it does is clutter everything up. Damned microsoft.

Anyway, I've had enough for one night, will have another look at the rest of it tomorrow.

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