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Two books I read together earlier this year.  Until the first one ran out because it was a lot shorter than the other.

First was Conqueror of Darkness by Phyllis Garlick - the story of Helen Keller.  This book was given to me for my birthday in 1980 by mum and dad.  I read it when I was quite young, but hadn't read it since.  It'd been at mum's and so I brought it home during the house cleanout last year.  It's told for children to read, and quite an amazing story.  The patience her tutor/friend Anne must have had was incredible.  

Second was Letters to Karen by Charlie W. Shedd.  This is another book that was given to me by mum and dad when I was in my teens.  I'd read it then, but again, not since.  Some of the ideas in this book are a little dated - I mean how many wives get to stay at home all day these days? (I wish!!!)  But a lot of the principles are still relevant.

Then there was Pollyanna by Elanor H. Porter.  I borrowed this off mum last time I was in Sydney.  This book was given to *her* mother in 1932!!  (by Manly Congregational Sunday School).  I've seen the movie a few times so thought it would be nice to read the book.  It's a bit episodic to start with.  Each chapter is a small story with not much overarching plot.  But it improves a little towards the end.  The silly thing is, the two things I remember most about the movie - the "glad" Bible passages and the accident were completely different in the book.  Weird.  I'd have to watch the movie again now to see what else was different.  I try to play the "glad game" sometimes (when I think of it), but it's fricken hard a lot of the time for me.  Too much grumpiness hardwired in my brain ...

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