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For most of Saturday afternoon I went through our receipts.  Mine went back to 2001, Stu's back to about 2008.  I'd pretty much kept every receipt of mine *ever*.  I always kept meaning to reconcile them with credit card statements, but that hasn't happened in years.  And I had great visions of entering groceries into some sort of database to watch how prices changed over time.  Yah right.

But I've been applying a rule to stuff like that - if noone would care about it after I died, then there's really no point keeping it.

Honestly, who's going to care how much I spent on groceries after I'm gone?

So this is the pile of receipts I'm chucking out.


I did keep some things.  A few sentimental ones, like Infinity on the Gold Coast where I went with Stu on our one and only date.  And receipts for dvds and cds, and appliances and the like that we still own.  Fourteen years of receipts down to this.


There was a bit of nostalgia in some of them, especially for the older stuff.  And some fun things like VHS tapes, which I was still buying as recently as 2005.  Zooper Doopers! I found a receipt for some of those from 2005, which means I've had some ice blocks in my freezer for about nine years... *gulp* .. maybe I should eat them this summer!  And at my old work, plenty of ATM withdrawals and Post Office receipts from my ebay packing in 2003-2004 that reminded me of places I haven't thought about in seven years.  Receipts from places like Rosehill, where I used to visit Striker for Evilhouse video nights.  Petrol receipts from places on the way to/from CIA visits and visits to Stu.  BigW receipts of DVD purchases when I first got a DVD player.  I used to go there whenever I needed to go shopping for groceries and have a look for weekly specials.  I used to get all my meat from Sonny's Butcher at Rockdale Plaza, and all my fruit and veg from Mile's Fresh Food Market, which I can't even remember whereabouts in the plaza that is now.  Booze came from Woolworth's Liquour, and the rest of my groceries from Franklins.

So much of my life history in little bits of paper.

So much of my life forgotten because it seemed too inane to blog about.

I wish I'd started blogging a lot earlier than 2003...!!


Fleeced said:

Holy crap!

August 21, 2014 7:52 PM


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