Another week, another week without blogging

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I don't really even have any interesting photos either.

Last Saturday was housework in the morning then headed out to the club.

Sunday we stopped in at Potty's to show him the new car.

Monday the little brother came over and stayed the night.  We had a tuna bake and watched Cities of the Underworld (Paris) which Dave thought was pretty cool because he'd actually *been* to not just the catacombs but also the stuff off the old disused train line.  We also started watching Total Recall but I didn't have the energy to stay up to the end of it.

Spent a good chunk of the week working through decommissioning stuff.  It takes just as much effort, if not more, than commissioning.  hrmm.

Thursday was bbq at @CLBradley's.

Friday we got Dumpling Inn takeaway and had Gaelian and Stef over.

We had a random cat show up last night too, meowing at the door.  It seemed a bit frightened.  It looked like it wanted to come in out of the cold but was a bit to scared to.  And when it did come in it wanted to go straight out again.  Had collars but couldn't find a name tag.  Hope it was all right.

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