Excuse me while I go mop up all my drool

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So today Peter Pan was released on dvd. Naturally I went out as soon as I could to go looking for it. Didn't see it at EzyDVD, so tried K-mart. Walked all around their dvd section, thinking it should feature relatively prominently, being a new release and all. Nothing. Had almost finished walking around when I saw it. Three dvds tucked in a corner of a shelf. Of course I took the nearest one and went straight for the checkouts :)

Got home, and put it on after Survivor. The dvd was actually poisoned with an advert for another movie at the beginning of it!? What are they thinking? Only vhs tapes hired from video stores are allowed to have those! I just wanted Jason dammit!! So anyway. Jason is, of course, lovely, although he simply cannot shout. It doesn't work. He is so softly spoken and is at his best when he's whispering menacingly. Which he does several times and I melted into a puddle. Can't help thinking of him as Lucius though. Comes from watching Chamber of Secrets too often.

Other than that. The Patriot which I ordered on dvd for $13.95 turned out not to be the right movie and they "apologise for the inconvenience this causes" and said the actual price is $31.95. Can prolly buy it in BigW cheaper than that, will keep an eye out for it.

Also accidently touched the lens of my camera today. Pissed off at leaving a smudge. I do have some lens cleaning tissue, but no fluid, and breath condensation just leaves streaks :(

Once again it's entirely way past my bed time. Especially since I want to get up at 4:30 to look at/photograph the lunar eclipse. hrm. This is not looking good. I'll think about it in bed :)


CC said:

Did you make it up for the eclipse? I didn't! I jsut got out of bed, and I'm still sick!!! I wanted to see it too! =(

May 5, 2004 10:49 AM


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